With today’s technological advances, research in tropical medicines requires not only an Nucleic Acids Resunderstanding of diseases and their causes, but also in-depth trainings in molecular biology, informatics, and ′omics methodologies. The Faculty understood this, and in response, established the department of Molecular Tropical Medicines and Genetics. Our staff members are experts who develop and use cutting-edge molecular tools to discover and translate scientific knowledge. Being fully equipped, we are supporting the research from within and outside of the Faculty. Our current research is focused on malaria, leptospirosis, scrub typhus and cancers under the following themes:
Molecular characterization of drug resistance of malaria parasites
Genomics and proteomics of malaria and cancer
Invasion and transmission of malaria parasites
Diagnosis of leptospira spp. and scrub typhus infection
Immunotherapeutic agents for leptospirosis treatment

The department also collaborates with other departments and research centers on various projects.