Volume 23
Number 2
June 1992


Table of Contents  
Review: Immunity to the simian malarias in their natural hosts -some problems awaiting investigation  
GA Butcher 177
Appearance of adherent cells suppressive to erythropoiesis during an early stage of Plasmodium bergheiinfection in mice  
M Asami, T Abe, M Owhashi, Y Nawa 184
Human behavior in relation to selection ofmalaria treatment  
P Kamolratanakul, B Dhanamun, S Thaithong 189
Anti -tuberculosis programs in Thailand: a cost analysis  
B Chunhaswasdikul, P Kamolratanakul, A Jittinandana, V Tangcharoensathien, S Kuptawintu, P Pantumabamrung 195
Effect of health education on community participation in control of dengue hemorrhagic fever in an urban area of Thailand  
W Swaddiwudhipong, C Chaovakiratipong, S Koonchote, P Khumklam, P Lerdlukanavonge 200
A survey of knowledge, attitude and practice of the prevention of dengue hemorrhagic fever in an urban community of Thailand  
W Swaddiwudhipong, P Lerdlukanavonge, P Khumklam, S Koonchote, P Nguntra, C Chaovakiratipong 207
Assessment ofsanitation conditions by qualitative sanitation measurement  
A Ittiravivongs, C Kasornkul, R Soyraya, J Soyraya, J Pattara -arechachai 212
Intestinal parasitic infections in Likupang, North Sulawesi, Indonesia  
H Hasegawa, I Miyagi, T Toma, K Kamimura, I1J Nainggolan, M Tumewu -wagei, HG Mandagi-waworuntu, FX Kapojo~, J Runtuwene, C Paathruntupalit, Syafruddin 219
The effect of repeated chemotherapy on the prevalence and intensity of Ascaris lumbricoides and Trichuris trichiura infection  
L Chan, SP Kan, DAP Bundy 228
Nutritional intervention in acute diarrrhea : is a lactose -free formula essential?  
GV Gregorio, JM Rogacion, EP Gabriel, PD Santos Ocampo 235
Risk factors for hepatitis B carrier status among blood donors of the National Blood Center, Thai Red Cross Society  
T Nuchprayoon, T Chumnijarakij 246
Parasitological and histopathological studies on rhesus monkeys infected with Chinese mainland strain of Schistosomajaponicum  
YX He, QF Yu, YQ Hu 254
Sensitivity ofdifferent isolates of Schistosomajaponicum from China to praziquantel  
YX He, YQ Hu, QF Yu 261
Thalassemia in the outpatient department of the Yangon Children's Hospital in Myanmar: basic hematological values of thalassemia traits  
Khin Ei Han, Aung Myo Han, Kyaw Win, Thein Thein Myint 264
Thalassemia in the outpatient department of the Yangon Children's Hospital in Myanmar: knowledge attitudes and practice in relation to thalassemia  
Khin Ei Han, Aung Myo Han, Thein Thein Myint 269
Thalassemia in the outpatient department of the Yangon Children's Hospital in Myanmar: cost analysis of the day-care-room services for thalassemia  
Aung Myo Han, Khin Ei Han, Thein Thein Myint 273
Are the endemic motor neuron diseases of Guam really disappearing?  
RL Haddock, JV Santos 278
Heparin therapy in Russell's viper bite victims with disseminated intravascular coagulation: a controlled trial  
Tin Nu Swe, Myint Lwin, Khin Ei Han, Tin Tun, Tun Pe 282
Ivermectin and diethylcarbamazine trials in leaf monkeys (Presby tis cristatus) infected with Wuchereria kalimantani  
A Kurniawan, E Sartono, WE Setiowati, T SupaJi, H Wibowo, Purnomo, B Rukmono, F Partono 288
Etiology of acute severe lower respiratory tract infection in hospital-based patients  
OM Chay, J Hiew, CK Tan, AL Foo, KW Lim, HK Cheng 293
Immunological activities of monoclonal IgG I antibody against Trypanosoma gambiense  
T Takayanagi, H Kawagochi, Y Yabu, MIxon, K Yano 297
Course of antibody production by the DIG-ELISA method in neonatally infected and juvenile infected rats after primary infection with Breinlia booliati (Filarioidea: Onchocercidae)  
BC Ho, LM Chew, M Singh, EH Yap 304
Microbial flora in gut of Culex guinguefasciatus breeding in cess pits  
V Vasanthi, SL Hoti 312
Beta-cyfluthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid for mosquito control  
V Vasuki, AR Rajavel 318
The resting and house frequenting behavior of Mansonia annulifera, Ma. uniformis and Ma. indiana, the vectors of Malayan filariasis in Kerala State, India  
NP Kumar, S sabesan, KN Panicker 324
Evaluation of carbon dioxide and l-octen-3-o1 as mosquito attractants  
I Vyt~ilingam, GL Chiang, ST Chan 328
Malacological survey in the Sirikit reservoir, the largest earthfilled dam in Thailand  
P Temcharoen 332
Case report: Mammonogamus (Syngamus) laryngeus infection: a first case report in Thailand  
V Pipitgool, K Chaisiri, P Visetsupakarn, V Srigan, W Maleewong 336
Case report: An unusual case of Listeria meningitis  
S Sirinavin, S Chiemchanya, S Boonrumlukthanom 338
Case report: Dapsone induced motor polyneuropathy  
AJW Jacob, A Rajendran, J Menezes, M Vaz 341
Case report: Albendazole treatment of neurocysticercosis  
V Chotmongkol 344
Research note: Control of Opisthorchis viverrini cercariae using the copepod Mesocyclops leuckarti  
P Intapan, S Kaewkes, W Maleewong 348
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