Volume 25
Number 4
December 1994


Table of Contents  
Editorial : Discolsure of cigarette ingredients potential domino effect?  
S. Buasai 613
Editorial : Equity, poverty and the economics of health care consumption  
C. Kidson 615
Review : Poverty, income inequality and health care consumption in Thailand  
I Sarntisart 618
Effects of piped water supply on the incidence of diarrheal diseases in children in Southern Thailand  
V. Chongsuvivatwong, L Mo-suwan, J Chompikul, K Vitsupakorn, D McNeil 628
Microbiological quality of drinking water and using water of a Chao Phya River community, Bangkok  
P Luksamijarulkul, V Punsuwan, S Pungchitton 633
A home-made IMV-CPAP system for difficult to wean patients  
S. Kiatboonsri 638
The efficacy of Japanese encephalitis vaccine in Henan, China: a case-control study  
DP Luo, HJ Yin, XL Liu, JD Song, Z Wang 643
Comparative results in detection of HCV antibodies by using a rapid HCV test, ELISA and immunoblot  
Y Poovorawan, A Theamboonlers, S Chumderrnpadetsuk, CP Thong 647
Cryptosporidiosis among HIV positive intravenous drug users in Malaysia  
A G Mohamed Kamel, N Maning, S Arulmainthan, S Murad, A Nasuruddin, KPF Lai 650
Cryptosporidiosis in Myanmar infants with acute diarrhea  
Tin Aye, Kyaw Moe, Mar Mar Nyein, Than Swe 654
Incidence of Mycoplasmapneumoniae Chlamydia trachmatis and viral infections in pneumonia cases under six months of age, Bangkok, Thailand  
P Puthavathana, S Habanananda, C Wasi, U Kositanont. T Chantarojanasiri, S S'uwanjutha, R Kanyok, K Raksakait, P Thongcharoen 657
Risk factors of streptococcal colonization in school age children  
S Likitnukul, N Prapphal, K Tatiyakavee, P Nunthapisud, S Chumderrnpadetsuk 664
Systemic Haemophilus influenzae disease in Thai children  
S Likitnukul 672
Factors influencing case-fatality rate of septicemic children  
P Pruekprasert, V Chongsuvivatwong, P Patamasucon 678
Etiology of acute lower respiratory infection in Filipino children under five years  
M U Capeding, LT Sombrero, FJ Paladin, H Suzuki, Y Numazaki, MC Saniel 684
First isolation of Salmonella blockley in Thailand  
A Bangtrakulnonth, O Suthienkul, A Kitjakara, S Pomrungwong, K Siripanichgon 688
PCR based detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis : effect of sample preparation  
J Perera, NV Chandrasekharan, EH Karunanayake 693
The use of surgical antibiotic prophylaxis in seven Malaysian hospitals  
V KE Lim, YM Cheong, AB Suleiman 698
Artemether 5 versus 7 day regimen for severe falciparum malaria  
J Karbwang, K Na-Bangchang, Y Wattanakul, A Thanavibul, T Harinasuta 702
Absence of anti-purkinje cell antibodies in patients with cerebellar ataxia following falciparum malaria  
HJ d e Silva, N Senanayake 707
The use of primaquine in malaria infected patients with red cell glucose -6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) enzyme deficiency in Myanmar  
Mat-Phone -yaw, Myint-Oo, Aung-Naing, Aye-Lwin-Htwe 710
Epidemiological surveillance of filariasis after its control in Shandong Province, China  
WC Cao, JF Xu, ZX Ren 714
Micro - spatial variation of filarial disease and risk of developing disease associated with microfilaremia in urban situation  
SP Pani, P Vanamail, A Srivadya, PK Das, V Dhanda 719
Comparative study on dot-immunogold silver staining and dot-ELISA for the detection of serum antibodies against Wucherrria bancrofti  
Y. S Liu, WP Du, M Chen, ZX Wu 724
Genetic variability in isozymes of Angiostrongylus malaysiensis  
K Sawabe, K Makiya 728
Prevalence of intestinal helminthic infections in Kao district, North Halmahera, Indonesia  
A Mangalio, P Sasabone, Syafruddin, K Abadi, M Hasan, H Hnsegawa, T Towa, K Kamimura, 1 Miyagi, M Mogi 737
Evaluation of hookworm control program in southern Thailand  
V. Chongsuvivatwong, S Pas-Ong, W Ngoathammatasna, D McNeil, K Vithsupakorn, V Bridhikitti, Jongsuksuntigul, C Jeradit 745
Population interaction of Toxorhynchites splendens and Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) in the laboratory  
D D Amalraj, PK Das 752
Larvicidal potential of five Philippine plants against Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus) and Culex quinquefasciatus (Say)  
RB Monzon, JP Alvior, LLC Luczon, AS Morales, FES Mutuc 755
Aquatic vegatation and their natural hospitability to the immatures of Mansonia mosquitos, the vectors of Brugia malayi in ShertaIlai, Kerala, India  
K. Krishnamoorthy, G Rajendran, KN Panicker 760
Susceptibility of Thai zoophilic anophelines and suspected malaria vectors to local strains of human malaria parasites  
P Somboon, W Suwonkerd, JD Lines 766
Smoke as a form of personal protection against mosquitos, a field study in Papua New Guinea  
R Vernkde, MMM van Meer, MP Alpers 771
Case report : Melioidotic otitis media  
P. WiIairatana, S Looareesuwan 776
Case report : Rate-bite fever caused by Streptobacillus monilqormis  
P Buranakitjaroen, S Nilganuwong, V Gherunpong 778
Case report : Artemether saved a patient with severe falciparum malaria after quinine treatment failure (R III type of quinine resistance)  
J Karbwang, M Mungthin, A Thanavibul, K Na-Bangchang, T Harinasuta 782
Research report : First report of in vitro susceptibility of Plasmodium malariae Thai isolates to chloroquine  
P Tan-ariya, S Pasuralertsakul 784
Research note : Evaluation of the quantitative buffy coat analysis(QBC ) system for the detection Leptospira in human blood  
KJ Kramer, LW Pang, HP Minette, JB Perrone 788
Research note : Morphology of the cyst of Blastocystis hominis  
V Zaman 790
Research note : A Comparison of direct microscopy with culture for the diagnosis of Blastocystis hominis  
V Zaman, KZ Khan 792
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