Volume 26
Number 1
March 1995


Table of Contents  
Editorial: Health and human rights  
C Kidson 1
Review : Malaria in prehistoric southeastern Asia  
S Poolsuwan 3
Localized permanent epidemics : the genesis of chloroquine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum  
J Verdrager 23
Primary health care : the basis for malaria control In Hubei, China  
HF Li, BZ Xu, R Webber 29
Electroencephalography in cerebral malaria  
S Thumasupapong, T Tin, K Sukontason, C Sawaddichi, J Karbwang 34
Comparison between microscopic examination, ELISA and quantitative huffy coat analysis in the diagnosis of falciparum malaria in an endemic population  
S Tanpradist, S Tharavanij, P Yamokgul, P Bualombai, V Wongchotigul, P Singhasivanon, J Patarapotikul, N Thammapalerd, C Prasittisuk, S Tantanasrikul, S Khusmith 38
Serum transcobalamin II levels in patients with malaria infection  
S Areekul, K Churdchu, C Cheeramakara, P Wilairatana, P Charoenlarp 46
An evaluation of knowledge and awareness of disinfection and sterilization among health care workers  
KC Keah, M Jegathesan, SC Tan, SH Chan, OM Che, YM Cheong, AB Suleiman 51
The severity of disease measurements among Thai medical intensive care patients  
S Kiathboonsri, P Charoenpan 57
Scoring systems for predicting outcomes of critically ill patients in northeastern Thailand  
P Wilairatana, NS Noan, S Chinprasatsak, K Prodeengam, D Kityaporn, S Looareesuwan 66
Breast feeding behavior and supplementary food pattern of villages in Udon Thani Province, northeast Thailand  
S Saowakontha, V Chantraphosri, P Kampor, K Ketkowit, B Panomratanarak, P Thaworndunstid, K Nathapindhu 73
An unusual outbreak of food poisoning  
L Thaikruea, J Pataraarechachai, P Savanpunyalert, U Naluponjiragul 78
Antimicrobial therapy in Plesiomonas shigelloides associated diarrhea in Thai children  
N Visitsunthorn, P Komolpis 86
Comparative evaluation of bioassay and ELISA for detection of Japanese encephalitis virus in field callected mosquitos  
A Gajanana, R Rajendran, V Thenmozhi, PP Samuel, TF Tsai, R Reuben 91
Epidemiologic characteristics of blood donors with antibody to human immunodeficiency virus : Thailand  
C Nuchprayoon, S Tanprasert, T Chumnijarakij, S Thanomchat, B O'Prasert, S Adulwijit 98
An outbreak of hepatitis A in school children at Nakhon Si Thammarat, Southern Thailand  
S Sinlaparatsamee, J Nuniem, J Kankao, A Theamboonlers, S Chumdermpadetsuk, Y Poovorawan 104
Prevalence of hemagglutination - inhibition and neutralizing antibodies to arboviruses in horses of Java  
S Widjaja, W Soekotjo, S Hartati, GB Jennings, AL Corwin 109
Antibodies in serum of patients with clonorchiasis before and after treatment  
YL Lin, ER Chen, CM Yen 114
Plasma concentrations of praziquantel during the therapy of neurocysticercosis with praziquantel, in the presence ofantiepileptics and dexamethasone  
K Na-Bangchang, S Vanijanonta, J Karbwang 120
Single doses of ivermectin 400 ug/kg : the most effective dosage in bancoftian filariasis  
JP Moulia-Pelat, P Glaziou, LN Nguyen, JL Cartel 124
Anti-nematode activity of sixteen compounds against Trichinella spiralis in mice-a possible new screen for microfilaricides  
J Surin 128
Prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections among Asian female house keepers in Abha District, Saudi Arabia  
AAAL-Madani, AAR Mahfouz 135
Urinary iodine excretion in the Northeast of Penninsular Malaysia  
M Mafauzy, WBW Mohammad, MYY Anum, M Musalmah 138
Effects of antithrombin III and antivenom on procoagulant activity of Russell's viper venom in a whole blood model  
R Clemens, R Lorenz, S Pukrittayakamee, B Punpoowang, P Charoenlarp 143
Glomerulonephritis in Kelantan, Malaysia: a review of the histological pattern  
D Zainal, A Riduan, AM Ismail, O Norhayati 149
Integration of control measures for malaria rectors in endemic area of Thailand  
T Kanda, D Bunnag, V Deesin, T Deesin, S Leemingsawat, N Komalamisra, K Thimasam, S Sucharit 154
Glutathion S-transferase activity and DDT -susceptibility of Malaysian mosquitos  
HL Lee, WL Chang 164
Feild observations on the swarming behavior of Armigeres subalbatus (COQ) (Diptera: Culicidae)  
AR Rajavel 168
Urban malaria and its vectors Anopheles stephensi and Anopheles culicifacies (Diptera: Culicidae) in Gurgaon, India  
RS Sharma 172
Biting cycles of some potential vector mosquitos of Japanese encephalitis of Assam, India  
DR Bhattacharyya, P Dutta, SA Khan, P Doloi, BK Goswami 177
Field studies on the mosquito repellent action ofNeem oil  
SK Sharma, VK Dua, VP Sharma 180
Effect of inorganic salts, soaps and detergents on dissolution and larvicidal activity of alginate formulation of Bacillus sphaericus  
V Vijayan, K Balaraman 183
Preliminary report : Vaginal scrub prophylaxis in abdominal hysterectomy  
V Vinkomin 188
Research note : Anti-hepatitis antibody titers after passive immunization with hepatitis A hyperimmune globulin  
Y Poovorawan, A Theamboonlers, L Vimolkej, SJ Cryz Jr 193
Case report : Salmonella : a rare cause of meningitis in an adult  
J Kanchanapongkul 195
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