Volume 27
Number 3
September 1996


Table of Contents  
Editorial : Satisfying consumer choice : a quality issue in the health sector  
K Indaratna 415
Lymphocyte immunophenotype reference ranges in healthy Thai adults : implications for management of HIV/AIDS in Thailand  
HK Webster, K Pattanapanyasat, P Phanupak, C Wasi, C Chuenchitra, L Ybarra, L Buchner 418
Evaluation of HIV/AIDS education initiatives among women in northeastern Thai villages  
O Elkins, E Maticka-Tyndale, T Kuyyakanond, M Kiewying, S Anursornteerakul, N Chantapreeda, R Choosathan, S Sornchai, P Theerasobhon, M Haswell-Elkins 430
High risk behavior related to HIV transmission among recently diagnosed TB patients in Jakarta  
MDK Sudaryo, R Detels 443
Research report : HIV prevalence in upper socioeconomic level hospital patients, 1991-1993  
B Atikij, P Lohsomboon, NL Young, K Limpakarnjanarat, B Weniger 449
Reducing the risk of HIV transmission through blood transfusion by donor self-deferral  
Y Urwijitaroon, S Barusrux, A Romphruk, C Puapairoj, L Pakote 452
Feasibility of northern Thai factory workers as participants in HIV vaccine trials  
C Natpratan, D Nantakwan, C Beyrer, P Kunawararak, C Gunhom, DO Celentano, KE Nelson, C Khamboonruang 457
Cross-sectional serosurvey for Japanese encephalitis specific antibody from animal sera in Malaysia 1993  
K Oda, A Igarashi, CT Kheong, CC Hong, B Vijayamalar, M Sinniah, SS Hassan, H Tanaka 463
Hemorrhagic manifestations and encephalopathy in case of dengue in India  
J Thakare, B Walhekar, K Banetjee 471
Serum trace metal levels in patients with acute hepatitis B  
C Pramoolsinsap, N Promvanit 476
Methodological issues in conducting a survey of construction workers in northeastern Thailand  
B Thinkhamrop, AJ Dobson 481
Cervical cancer screening in Bali : A public health issue  
L Schapiro, I Susanti, J Hulka 487
Clinical trial of intramuscular anti-snake venom administration as a first aid measure in the field in the management of Russel's viper bite patients  
Win-Aung, Tin-Tun, Khin-Maung-Maung, Aye-Kyaw, Hla-Pe, Tin-Nu-Swe, Saw Naing 494
Historical review of mosquito control as a component of malaria eradication program in the Ryukyu Archipelago  
I Miyagi, T Toma, WLM Malenganisho, M Uza 498
Sustainability of a successful malaria surveillance and treatment program in a Runggus community in Sabah, East Malaysia  
JLK Hii, KC Chee, YS Vun, J A wang, KH Chin, SKP Kan 512
Activity of artemether-azithromycin versus artemether-doxycycline in the treatment of multiple drug resistant falciparum malaria  
K Na-Bangchang, P Tipwangso, T Kanda, A Thanavibul, K Suprakob, M Ibrahim, Y Wattanagoon, J Karbwang 522
Morbidity and mortality due to malaria in Tarajulie Tea Estate, Assam, India  
SC Gogoi, V Dev, S Phookan 526
Temporary appearance of a circulating granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor in lethal murine malaria  
M Owhashi, N Kirai, M Asami 530
The effect of a canbined approach to schistosomiasis control on transmission of Schistosoma japonicum in Xingzi ofPoyang Lake area, China  
QU Jiang, SJ Zhang, HC Yuan, ZD Liu, GM Zhao, U Brinkman 535
A survey of Gnathostoma larvae in fresh water fish in the valley of the Yangtze River and morphological characeristics of the recovered larvae  
M Koga, Y Ishii, YS Lou, H Higo, T Fujino, WC Huang, WP Min, BF Xia, JY Liu 542
Seroepidemiological study of Toxoplasma infection in central and western regions of Nepal  
SK Rai, T Kubo, K Yano, H Shibata, K Sumi, A Matsuoka, S Uga, T Matsumura, K Hirai, MP Upadhyay, SR Basnet, HG Shrestha, RC Mahajan 548
A Survey of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in goats and cattle in Lampung Province, Indonesia  
K Matsuo 554
Seroepidemiology of five major zoonotic parasite infections in inhabitants of Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia  
S Uga, K Ono, N Kataoka, H Hasan 556
Prevalence of intestinal parasitic infection among children in two villages in Lao PDR  
J Kobayashi, B Vannachone, A Xeutvongsa, K Manivang, S Ogawa, Y Sato, K Pholsena 562
Comparison of adult somatic and excretory-secretory antigens in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for serodiagnosis of human infection with Fasciola gigantica  
W Maleewong, PM Intapan, C Wongkham, K Tomanakan, W Daenseekaew, W Sukeepaisamjaroen 566
Immunohistochemical localization of Gnathostoma spinigerum larval antigens by monoclonal antibodies : electron microscopy  
W Rojekittikhun, Y Katori, S Saito, F Sendo 570
Outbreaks of cholera in Nepal  
BM Pokhrel, T Kubo 574
Diagnosis of scrub typhus in Malaysian aborigines using nested polymerase chain reaction  
ST Tay, S Nazma, MY Rohani 580
Affinity and response of Burkholderia pseudomallei and Burkholderia cepacia to insulin  
K Kanai, E Kondo, T Kurata 584
Evolution of cell-surface acid phosphatase of Burkholderia pseudomallei  
E Kondo, T Kurata, P Naigowit, K Kanai 592
Neonatal septic arthritis  
D Halder, QB Seng, AS Malik, KE Choo 600
Antibacterial activity ofteicoplanin against Clostridium difficile  
S Wongwanich, M Kusum, R Phan-Urai 606
The effect ofpyrethroid impregnated mosquito nets on field malaria vector populations in experimental huts and in individual local houses  
M Prasittisuk, C Prasittisuk, V Pothichiti, B Aum-aung, P Mongklangkul 610
Insecticide impregrated cotton fabrics of different by hydrophobicity against Aedes aegypti (Diptera : Culicidae)  
DD Amalraj, M Kalyanasundaram, V Viswanathan, PK Das 617
Efficacy of Bacillus sphaericus in different breeding habitats of Culex quiquefasciatus  
K Gunasekaran, AN Shriram, A Elangovan, RJ Narayanan, K Balaraman 622
Microdroplet application ofmosquitocidal Bacillus thuringiensis using ultra-low-volume generator for the control of mosquitos  
P Seleena, HL Lee, WA Nazni, A Rohani, MS Kadri 628
The biology and predatory potential of notonectid bug, Enithares indica (Fabr) against mosquito larvae  
S Wattal, T Adak, RC Dhiman, VP Sharma 633
Anopheles donaldi incriminated as a vector of periodic Brugia malayi in Grik, Perak, Malaysia  
I Vythilingam, SL Hakim, ST Chan, JW Mak 637
Research note: Use of hemolymph test for detection of rickettsiae in Malaysian tichs  
ST Tay, TM Ho, MY Rohani 642
Book review : The Tomorrow of Malaria  
C Kidson 645
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