Volume 27
Number 4
December 1996


Table of Contents  
Editorial: Tropical diseases and economic change  
C Kidson 647
Seroepidemiology of hepatitis A virus antibody in primary school children in Khon Kaen province, northeastern Thailand  
P Kosuwon, S Sutra, P Kosalaraksa, Y Poovorawan 650
High hepatitis C seroprevalence in Thai intravenous drug abusers and qualitative riks analysis  
P Luksamijarupkul, S Plucktaweesak 654
Protective antibody after a 'one dollar' hepatitis B vaccine  
S Kalayanarooj, DW Vaughn, C Ariyasriwatana, R Snitbhan 659
In vivo and in vitro studies on the morphological change in the monkey epidermallangerhans cells following exposure to dengue 2 (16681) virus  
S Taweechaisupapong, S Sriurairatana, S Angsubhakorn, S Yoksan, N Bhamarapravati 664
An appraisal of some recent diagnostic assays for Japanese encephalitis  
A Gajanana, PP Samuel, V Thenmozhi, R Rajendran 673
Monoclonal antibodies against respiratory syncytial virus for rapid detection and subgroup determination  
S Tantivanich, M Chittaganpitch, S Khusmith, S Pattamadilok 680
Clinical and laboratory profile of sixty patients with AIDS : A South Indian study  
J George, A Ham ide, AK Das, SK Amarnath, RS Rao 686
Impact of school-based HIV and AIDS education for adolescents in Bombay, India  
S Sankaranarayan, E Naik, PSN Reddy, G Gurunani, K Ganesh, K Gandewar, KP Singh, SH Vermund 692
Knowledge, attitude and preventive practice survey regarding AIDS comparing registered to freelance commercial sex workers in Iloilo City, Philippines  
TI Liu, R So 696
Epidemiology of blood-borne viruses : A study of healthy blood donors in Southern Pakistan  
GN Kakepoto, HS Bhally, G Khaliq, N Kayani, lA Burney, T Siddiqui, M Khurshid 703
Study of young women vaccinated against rubella virus for 10 years in Taiwan  
DB Lin, CL Kao, CY Lee 707
Comparison of separated - lymphocyte and whole-blood lymphocyte proliferation assays for evaluating rabies-induced cellular immunity  
S Kasempimolporn, N Naraporn, A Saikasem, V Sitprija 715
Amphotericin B with or without flucytosine followed by fluconazole as primary therapy for cryptococcal meningitis in patients with AIDS  
S Jaruratanasirikul 719
Bacterial diarrhea in Laos, a region where cholera was endemic  
Y Midorikawa, S Nakamura, Y lwade, A Sugiyama, L Sisavath, R Phakhounthong 724
Anti-PGL-1 antibody levels in Thai leprosy patients  
K Kampirapap, N Singtham 728
In vitro activity of cefoperazone-sulbactam : Singapore experience  
O Kumarasinghe, C Chow, C Chiu, YM Cheong 734
Utility of catalytic models in the estimation of incidence and prevalence of malaria in a hyperendemic situation  
A Manoharan, P Jambulingam, PK Das 738
Anthelminthic treatment raises plasma iron levels but does not decrease the acute-phase response in Jakarta school children  
E Karyadi, R Gross, S Sastroamidjojo, D Dillon, AL Richards, I Sutanto 742
Soil-transmitted helminthiases in China : A spatial statistical analysis  
D Lai, PH Bartholomew 754
Monoclonal antibody-based ELISA for the detection of circulating Entamoeba histolytica antigen in hepatic amebiasis in hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus)  
N Thammapalerd, JB Sherchand, D Kotimanusvanij, T Chintana, S Tharavanij 760
Comparative trials using albendazole and mebendazole in the treatment of soil-transmitted helminths in schoolchildren on Penang, Malaysia  
WA Rahman 765
Profile of heroin addicts in Nagaland, India  
S Kumar, NS Wairagkar, J Mahanta, K Satyanarayana, M Chetial, RK Phukan, SK Goswami 768
Sequential pattern of non-medical drug use in the drug career of opiate dependents in Nagpur, India  
NS Wairagkar, SN Wahab, HR Kulkarni 772
Obesity in primary care patients in Kelantan, Malaysia : Prevalence and patients' knowledge and attitudes  
A Jackson, C Cole, J Esquiro, M Edwards 776
Incidence and risk factors for carbohydrate intolerance in Thai infants with acute diarrhea : An outpatientbased study  
S Osatakul, S Arunchiya, A Puetpaiboon, L Lebel 780
Vitamin A status of Filipino preschool children given a massive oral dose  
LA Perlas, RF Florentino, RT Fuertes, JR Madriaga, RL Cheong, JA Desnacido, JM Marcos, MIZ Cabrera 785
Effect of air polluation on respiratory symptoms of junior high school students in Indonesia  
A Tri-Tugaswati, K Yasuo 792
Strokes in Thai children: Etiology and outcome  
P Visudhiphan, S Chiemchanya, D Wattanasirichaigoon 801
An outbreak of horseshoe crab poisoning in Chon Burl, Thailand : Clinical, toxicologic and therapeutic considerations  
J Kanchanapongkul, A Kungsuwan, V Tantisiriwan, C Punthawangkun, P Krittayapoositpot 806
Review: Progress in studies on the overwintering of the mosquito Culex tritaeniorhynchus  
JG Min, M Xue 810
Genetic differentation among three populations of Anopheles minimus of Guangxi and Yunnan provinces in China  
K Sawebe, M Takagi, Y Tsuda, LH Tang, JJ Xu, CP Qiu, LZ Jin, XF Luo 818
Laboratory evaluation of the toxic effects of bednets impregnated with perrnethrin against malaria mosquitos  
P Bo, ZZ Li, YG Wu, MZ Zhang, MX Li, Y Yang 828
Estimation oflarval production in Sanjay Lake and its surrounding ponds in Delhi, India using remote sensing technology  
VP Sharma, BN Nagpal, A Srivastava, S Adiga, P Manavalan 834
Research note : Pyrethroia insecticide treated bednets for malaria control in China  
YF Ge, RX Cao, DP Luo 841
Research note: Etiology of acute non- A, B, C, hepatitis in Thai patients: preliminary study  
Y Maneerat, P Wilairatna, E Pongponrath, U Chaisri, P Puthavatana, R Snitbhan, B Raengsakulrach, ET Clayson, DW Vaughn, S Kurathong, S Pramoolsinsup, A Juthaputhi 844
Research note : Potential transmission of Bancroftian filariasis in urban Thailand  
W Swaddiwudhipong, Y Tatip, M Meethong, P Preecha, T Kobasa 847
Research note : Prevalence of Blastocystis in animals from domesticated surroundings  
LS Chuong, K Suresh, JW Mak, I Init, O Kathijah 850
Research note: First report of Suidasia pontifica (acari: Acaridae) in milk powder  
TM Ho 853
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