Volume 28
Number 1
March 1997


Table of Contents  
Editorial : Information and disease prevention in public and private domains  
C Kidson 1
Study of simplified measures for malaria surveillance in the late consolidation phase in China  
LH Tang, HL Qian, G Cui, LY Shang, LY Tang, MG Jiang, BJ Yang, JM Dong, QL Shi, XL Jin, PX Zhang, ZJ Zheng, ZH Yang, JY Jin 4
Early diagnosis and treatment of malaria in a refugee population in Sri Lanka  
W van der Hoek, DAR Premasiri, AR Wickremasinghe 12
Large scale culture technique for pure Plasmodium falciparum gametocytes  
P Petmitr, G Pongvilairat, P Wilairat 18
Laboratory and field comparisons of adenosine influx in Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax infected erythrocytes with genetic abnormalities from patients in Myanmar  
WJ O'Sullivan, AM Gero 22
Serotyping of Duffy blood group in several Thai ethnic groups  
Y Shimizu, M Kimura, W Setheetham-Ishida, P Duanchang, T Ishida 32
Risk factors for chronic diseases in road sweepers in Bangkok  
B Phonrat, P Pongpaew. R Tungtrongchitr, V Horsawat, W Supanaranond, S Vutikes, N Vudivai, FP Schelp 36
Working and living conditions of construction workers :comparison between large and small construction sites in Northeastern Thailand  
B Thinkhamrop, A Chirawatkul, A Dobson, S Chirawatkul, B Prab-na-sak, P Kampor 46
Impact of prenatal care on perinatal mortality  
NT Hien, V Chongsuvivahvong 55
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in Thai Children diagnosed by polysomnography  
A Preutthipan, S Suwanjutha, T Chantarojanasiri 62
Cholera in Vietnam  
A Dalsgaard, NVTam, PD Cam 69
Construction of specific DNA probe for the detection of Salmonella in food  
A Pilantanapak, P Jayanetra, W Panbangred, C Klungthong, A Bangtrakulnonth 73
Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis as an epidemiologic tool in the investigation of laboratory acquired Sal-monella typhi infection  
AS Koay, MSegathesan, MYRohani, YMCheong 82
An instilutional outbreak of Salmonella enteritidis in Singapore  
DPK Ng, MGC Yeo, CL Poh 85
Safety and immunogenicity of a Haemophilus lnfluenzae type B polysaccharide-tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccin combined with diphtherea, tetanus and pertussis vaccines in Thai infants  
TChotpitayasunondh, C Panpitpat, U Thisyakom, E Furer, N Que, T Hasler, SJ Cryz 91
Acute lower respiratory infections in rural Bangladeshi children :patterns of treatment and identification of barriers  
K Zaman, S Zeityln, J Chakraborty, A de Francisco, M Yunus 99
Isolation rates of Burkholderia pseudomallei among the four regions of Thailand  
A Leelarasamee, STrakulsomboon, M Kusum, S Dejsirilert 107
Characteristics of childhood diarrhea associated with enterotoxigenic Escherichla coli in Malaysia  
S Samuel, J Vadivelu, N Parasakthi 114
Hemorrhagic fever in Cabmodia is caused by dengue viruses : evidence for transmission of all four sero- types  
H Rathavuth, DW Vaughn, KMinn, S Nimmannitya, ANisalak, B Raengsakulrach, ML Rorabaugh, K Yuvatha, 0 Sophal 120
Activity of dengue-2 virus and prevalence of Aedes aegypti in Chirimiri colliery area, Madhya Pradesh, India  
P Mahader, SR Prasad, MA Ilkal, MS Mavale, SS Bedekar, K Banejee 126
Detection of dengue virus from field Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus adults and larvae  
R Ahmad, A Ismail, Z Saat, LH Lee 138
Cost benefit analysis of Japanese encephalitis vaccination program in Thailand  
T Siraprapasiri, W Sawaddiwudhipong, S Rojanasuphot 143
The prevalence of hepatitis C virus antibodies in thalassemic patients in the South of Thailand  
V Laosombat, M Pompatkul, M Wongchanchailert, K Worachat, A Wiriyasatienkul 149
The declining pattem of seroepidemiology of hepatitis A virus infection among adolescents in Bangkok, Thailand  
Y Poovorawan, T Vimolkej, V Chongsrisawat, A Theamboonlers, S Chumdennpadetsuk 154
Case report : Gastric strongyloidiasis in a Malaysian patient  
KC Shekhar, R Krishrnan, R Pathmanathan, CS Fook 158
The prevalence of Trichuris, Ascaris and hookworm infection in Orang Asli children  
M Norhayati, B Zainudin, CG Mohammed, P Oothuman, O Azizi, MS Fatmah 161
An experimental study on application of PCR in detection of Kala-azar  
X Wu, Y Bao, YM Ding, MJ Yu, LS Lu, Y Zhang 169
Parasitological and nutritional situation of schoolchildren in the Sukaraja District, West Java, Indonesia  
K Pegelow, R Gross, K Pietrzik, W Lukito, AL Richards, DJ Fryauff 173
Pediatric nosocomial fungal infections  
NC Chiu, YF Chung, FY Huang 191
Efficacy of light-traps in sampling malaria vectors in different ecological zones in central India  
N Singh, AK Mishra 196
Development of alginate-based slow release formulation of Bacillus sphaericus for controlling Culex quinquefasciatus  
K Gunasekaran, V Vijayan. AN Shriram, S Subramanian, K Balaraman 203
Field evaluation of biodegradable controlled release formulation fenthion against Mansonia mosquito  
MP Prasad, G Rajendran, S Sabesan, M Kalyanasundaram 208
Insecticide resistance status and mechanisms in Malaysian Blatlella germanlca (Linnaeus)  
HL Lee, WD Tien, B Omar 212
Cockroaches from urban human dwellings : isolation of bacterial pathogens and control  
I Vythilingam, J Jeffery, P Oothuman, AR Abdul Razak, A Sulaiman 218
Comparative studies on the antigenic structures of five subspecies of Oncomelania snails by immuno- electrophoresis  
Y Iwanaga 223
Research note : Does transovarial transmission of dengue virus occur in Malaysian Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus?  
HL Lee, I Mustafakamol, A Rohani 230
Research note : Field-simulated residual efficacy of betacyfluthrin against Anopheles sinensis Wiedemann  
HH Yap, NL Chong, CY Lee, CA Koay 233
Case report : Miliary tuberculosis with unusual matted giant mesenteric lymph nodes  
P Viriyavejakul, V Sirikulchayanonta 235
Case report : Naegleria meningomyeloencephalitis  
P Viriyavejakul, M Rochanawutanon, S Sirinavin 237
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