Volume 28
Number 3
September 1997


Table of Contents  
Editorial : Health and the macro economy in a borderless world  
C Kidson 453
Border malaria in Yunnan, China  
N Xu, H Liu 456
In vitro sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum to eight antimalarials in China-Myanmar and China-Lao PDR border areas  
H L Yang, DQ Liu, YM Yang, KG Huan, Y Dong, PF Yang, MZ Liao, CY Zhang 460
A Comparative study of artesunate and artemether in combination with mefloquine on multidrug resistant falciparum malaria in eastern Thailand  
K Thimasam, J Siridhaisinthop, P Chanyakhun, C Palananth, W Rooney 465
A Comparative study of artesunate and artemether in combination with mefloquine on multidrug resistant falciparum malaria in eastern Thailand Effect of artemether on electrocardiogram in severe falciparurn malaria  
J Karbwang, P Laothavorn, K Sukontason, T Thiha, W Rimchala, K Na-Bangchang, D Bunnag 472
Phase II trial in China of a new rapidly-acting and effective oral antimalarial CGP 56697, for the treatment of Plusmodium falciparum malaria  
XQ Jiao, GY Liu, CQ Shan, X Zhao, XW Li, I Gatham, C Royce 476
Malaria in Homiara, Solomon Islands : reasons for presentation and human and environmental factors influencing prevalence  
D Bell, J Bryan, A Comeron, M Fernando, J Le'afasia, K Pholsyna 482
Killing of blood stage Plasmodium vinckei petteri by spleen macrophages through L-arginine dependent mechanism  
Supargiyono, FEG Cox 489
Overview : Experience of combined tetravalent diphtheria, tetanus, whole-cell pertussis and hepatitis B vaccine in Thailand  
Y Poovorawan 496
Urban-rural comparison of HBV and HCV infection prevalence among adult women in Shandong Province, China  
S Shimbo. ZW Zhang, JB Qu, JJ Wany, CL Zhang, LH Song, T Watanabe, K Higashikawa, M Ikeda 500
Hepatitis C antibody prevalence and risk factors of some female sex workers in Thailand  
P Luksamijarulkul, A Deangbubpha 507
Clients and brothel managers in Kramat Tunggak, Jakarta, Indonesia : Interweaving qualitative with quantitative studies for planning STDIAIDS prevention programs  
ER Sedyaningsih-Mamahit 513
Second mport of AIDS related attitudes and sexual practices of the Jakarte Waria (male transvestites) in 1995  
I Lubis, J Master, A Munif, N Iskandar, M Bamburg, A Papilaya, R Roesia, S Manurung, R Graham 525
Dengue surveillance in Metro Manila  
MRZ Capeding, FJE Paladin, EG Miranda, XR Navarro 530
Kuru and "new variant" CJD  
JV erdrager 535
Use of polymerase chain reaction in the diagnosis of toxocariasis : an experimental study  
SK Rai, S Uga, ZL Wy Y Takahashi, T Matsurnura 541
The relationship between morbidity and intensity of Schistosoma japonica infection of a community in Jiangxi Province, China  
GM Zhao, UK Brinkmann, QU Jiang, SJ Zhang, ZD Liu, HC Yuan 545
Review : The impact of a decade long opisthorchiasis control program in northeastern Thailand  
P Jongsuksuntigul, T lmsomboon 551
Imported cutaneous leishmaniasis in Thailand  
P Viriyavejakul, C Viravan, M Riganti, B Punpoowong 558
Efficacy of single dose albendazole on the prevalence and intensity of infection of soil-transmitted helminths in Orang Asli children in Malaysia  
M Norhayati, P Oothuman, O Azizi, MS Fatmah 563
Cloning and sequence analysis of the 26 kDa glutathione S-transferase gene of Schistosoma mekongi  
S Vichasri-Grams, R Grams, G Korge, V Viyanant, ES Upatham 570
The effects of temperature, light and water upon the hatching of the ova of Schistosoma japonicum  
Ye, YL Fu, ZX Wu, RM Anderson, A Agnew 575
Schistosoma mansoni : Relation of parasities to lungs from hepatic portal system in rodents  
T Qzaki, I Inaba, H Sato H Nargis, M Chisty, H Kamiya 581
Longitudinal sweillance after filariasis control in Guangdong Province, China  
XC Luo, ZY Oy XY Zhao, SY Huang, HE Cui, DP Tan, J Li 588
Evaluation of Bithynia funiculata snail antigens by ELISA-serodiagnosis of human opisthorchiasis  
D Watthanakulpanich, J Waikagul, MT Anantaphruti, P Dekumyoy 593
Review : Malaria and Anopheles mosquitos in Malaysia  
WA Rahman, A Che'Rus, AH Ahmad 599
Residual eff~cacy of deltamethrin 2.5 wp (K-othrin) sprayed and different types of surfaces against malaria vecu An. culicifacles  
MA Ansari, PK Mittal, RK Razdan, CP Batra 606
Breeding and day resting habitats of Anopheles dirus in Assam, India  
A trakash, DR Bhattacharyya, PK Mohapatra, J Mahanta 610
Collection of Anopheline mosquitos in three villages endemic for malaria in Khammouane, Lao PDR  
J Kobayashi, S Nambanya, I Miyagi, B Vanachone, K Manivong, T Koubouchan, H Amano, H Nozaki, S Inthakone, Y Sato 615
A dot-ELISA test using monoclonal antibody-purified antigens for the diagnosis of paragonimiasis causes by Paragonimur heterotremus  
W Maleewong, PM Intapan, C Wongkham, M Pajongthanasaris, N Moralcote, P Tapchaisri, W Chaicumpa 621
Detection of circulating antigens of Parastrongylus cantonensis in human sera by dot-blot ELISA and sandwich ELISA using monoclonal antibody  
P Eamsobhana, HS Yong, JW Mak, D Wattanakulpanich 624
Detection of carrier status of hemophilia B using DNA markers  
R Ishak, Z Zakaria 629
The significance of HER-2Ineulc-erbB-2 gene amplification in benign and malignant breast disease  
K Supanaranond, S Sukarayodhin, M Tanyakaset, KBaIachandra, D Jullakson, M Rienkijkarn, N Hoisanka, S Tantivanich 631
Renal stones in Kelantan, Malaysia -has the pattern changed ?  
N Nazmi, D Zainal, M Hashim 641
A comparative study of nutrition and healthof mothers in Japan and the Philippines  
MB Ocampo, Kmoriya 645
Russell's viper venom fractions nephrotoxicity  
Tin Nu Swe, Khin Myint Kyaw, Htein Win, Khine Win, Than Than Htwe 659
Research note : Effect of sublethal dosages of malathion on the oral susceptibility of Aedes aegypti to dengue-2 virus infection  
HL Lee, RA Argubano, R Ahmad 664
Research note :Antibodies to Orientia hutsugamushi in soldiers in northeastern Thailand  
SP Frances, C Eamsila, D Strickman 666
Case report : Edwardsiella tarda bacteremia and septic arthritis in a patient with diabetes mellitus  
M Osiri, T Tantawichien, U Deesomchok 669
Case report : Four misdiagnosed cases of visceral bleeding caused by Haemudipha japonica  
JT Xu 673
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