Volume 42
Number 3
May 2011


Table of Contents  
The Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences: five decades of collaborative medical research  
A Brown, S Nitayaphan 477
Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding malaria control in an endemic area of southern Iran  
AA Hanafi-Bojd, H Vatandoost, MA Oshaghi, MR Eshraghian, AA Haghdoost, F Abedi, Gh Zamani, MM Sedaghat, A Rashidian, AH Madani, A Raeisi 491
Glucantime efficacy in the treatment of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis  
B Pourmohammadi, MH Motazedian, F Handjani, GHR Hatam, S Habibi, B Sarkari 502
Case report. Biliary Fasciola gigantica case report from Turkey  
V Goral, S Senturk, O Mete, M Cicek, B Ebik, B Kaya 509
Soil-transmitted helminthiasis in rural South-west China: prevalence, intensity and risk factor analysis  
LS Mofid, Q Bickle, J-Y Jiang, Z-W Du, E Patrick 513
Review. Epidemiology of soil-transmitted helminthiases in Malaysia  
A Ahmed, HM Al-Mekhlafi, J Surin 527
Research note. First report of Ctenocephalides felis felis on the Asiatic Golden Cat, Catopuma temminckii in Thailand  
T Changbunjong, N Sangkachai, S Tangsudjai 539
Antioxidative systems defense against oxidative stress induced by blood meal in Aedes aegypti  
L Saeaue, N Phumala Morales, N Komalamisra, REM Vargas 542
Dusk to dawn activity patterns of anopheline mosquitoes in West Timor and Java, Indonesia  
E Ndoen, C Wild, P Dale, N Sipe, M Dale 550
Use of dengue NS1 antigen for early diagnosis of dengue virus infection  
F Md Kassim, M Nur Izati, TAR TgRogayah, Y Mohd Apandi, Z Saat 562
Evaluation of rapid immunochromatographic NS1 test, anti-dengue IgM test, semi-nested PCR and IgM ELISA for detection of dengue virus  
P Tontulawat, P Pongsiri, C Thongmee, A Theamboonlers, N Kamolvarin, Y Poovorawan 570
Case report. Heavy proteinuria following dengue hemorrhagic fever  
S Hutspardol, O Prommalikit, N Upiya, J Chataroopwijit, K Khemakanok, K Assadamongkol 579
Human avian influenza in Indonesia: are they really clustered?  
PC Eyanoer, P Singhasivanon, J Kaewkungwal, A Apisarnthanarak 583
Review. Poultry raising systems and highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks in Thailand: the situation, associations, and impacts  
W Chantong, JB Kaneene 596
Review. Hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus in Thai blood donors  
N Chimparlee, S Oota, S Phikulsod, P Tangkijvanich, Y Poovorawan 609
HIV trends and related risk factors among men having sex with men in mainland China: findings from a systematic literature review  
Q He, Y Xia, HF Raymond, R Peng, F Yang, L Ling 616
Is the BED capture enzyme immunoassay useful for surveillance in concentrated epidemics? the case of female sex workers in Indonesia  
G Morineau, R Magnani, A Nurhayati, L Bollen, DE Mustikawati 634
Renal impairment in HIV-1 infected patients receiving antiretroviral regimens including tenofovir in a resource-limited setting  
W Manosuthi, W Prasithsirikul, P Tantanathip, S Chimsuntorn, S Nilkamhang, S Sungkanuparph 643
Hepatotoxicity in patients co-infected with tuberculosis and HIV-1 while receiving nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-based antiretroviral therapy and rifampicincontaining anti-tuberculosis regimen  
W Mankhatitham, A Lueangniyomkul, W Manosuthi 651
Drug susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in patients with AIDS at a tertiary care hospital in northern India  
H Gautam, P Bhalla, G Vidyanidhi, S Saini, H Jha, CP Baveja 659
Improvement of district hospital service system to increase treatment adherence among tuberculosis patients in Pakistan  
MS Khan, N Suwannapong, N Howteerakul, O Pacheun, T Rajatanun 664
Case report. Cutaneous miliary tuberculosis in a renal transplant patient: a case report and literature review  
S Yodmalai, S Chiewchanvit, P Mahanupab 674
Seroprevalence of Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Javanica infection among dairy cattle, rats and humans in the Cauvery River Valley of southern India  
K Natarajaseenivasan, K Vedhagiri, V Sivabalan, SG Prabagaran, S Sukumar, SC Artiushin, JF Timoney 679
Bartonella seroprevalence in rural Thailand  
S Bhengsri, HC Baggett, LF Peruski Jr, C Morway, Y Bai, TL Fisk, A Sitdhirasdr, SA Maloney, SF Dowell, M Kosoy 687
Risk factors and clinical outcomes of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii bacteremia at a university hospital in Thailand  
S Anunnatsiri, P Tonsawan 693
Antimicrobial activity of Gynostemma pentaphyllum extracts against fungi producing aflatoxin and fumonisin and bacteria causing diarrheal disease  
D Srichana, R Taengtip, S Kondo 704
Research note. Bacterial contamination of Saudi “one” Riyal paper notes  
AK Al-Ghamdi, SMA Abdelmalek, MS Bamaga, EI Azhar, MH Wakid, Z Alsaied 711
Knowledge of sexual and reproductive health among adolescents attending school in Kelantan, Malaysia  
AA Rahman, RA Rahman, MI Ibrahim, H Salleh, SB Ismail, SH Ali, WM Wan Muda, M Ishak, A Ahmad 717
Effectiveness of a model of risky sexual behavior prevention among adolescent boys in Thailand  
W Tipwareerom, A Powwattana, P Lapvongwatana, RA Crosby 726
Evaluation of knowledge about protection against Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever  
Z Gungormus, E Kiyak 737
Mental health assessment tool for older Thai adults: development and psychometric testing  
C Praditsathaporn, P Chandanasotthi, K Amnatsatsuee, D Nityasudd, R Sunsern 744