Volume 43
Number 6
November 2012


Table of Contents  
Risk factors for malaria infection among rubber tappers living in a malaria control program area in southern Thailand  
S Pattanasin, P Satitvipawee, W Wongklang, C Viwatwongkasem, A Bhumiratana, P Soontornpipit, S Jareinpituk 1313
Knowledge and practices related to helminth infections among mothers living in a suburban area of Sri Lanka  
PJ Perera, D Disanayake, MP Fernando, TD Warnakulasoority, N Ranathunga 1326
Research note. Genetic differentiation of Strongyloides stercoralis from two different climate zones revealed by 18S ribosomal DNA sequence comparison  
W Pakdee, U Thaenkham, P Dekumyoy, S Sa-nguankiat, W Maipanich, S Pubampen 1333
Efficacy of three insecticides against Anopheles dirus and Anopheles minimus, the major malaria vectors, in Kanchanaburi Province Thailand  
D Pemo, N Komalamisra, S Sungvornyothin, S Attrapadung 1339
Protein expression in the salivary glands of dengue-infected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and blood-feeding success  
L Wasinpiyamongkol, S Patramool, S Thongrungkiat, P Maneekan, S Sangmukdanan, D Missé, N Luplertlop 1346
Effects of ribavirin and hydroxyurea on oral infection of Aedes aegypti (L.) with dengue virus  
HL Lee, TV Phong, A Rohani 1358
The key breeding sites by pupal survey for dengue mosquito vectors, Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus) and Aedes albopictus (Skuse), in Guba, Cebu City, Philippines  
FE Edillo, ND Roble, ND Otero II 1365
Research note. Aedes mosquito larvae collected from Ishigaki-jima and Taketomi-jima Islands in southern Japan  
T Tsunoda, A Fukuchi, S Nanbara, Y Higa, M Takagi 1375
Research note. Field-collected permethrin-resistant Aedes aegypti from central Thailand contain point mutations in the domain IIS6 of the sodium channel gene (kdr)  
R Srisawat, N Komalamisra, C Apiwathnasorn, P Paeporn, S Roytrakul, Y Rongsriyam, Y Eshita 1380
Environmental variables associated with immature stage habitats of Culicidae collected in aboriginal villages in Pahang, Malaysia  
WNW Mohamad Ali, R Ahmad, Z Mohamed Nor, Z Ismail, MN Ibrahim, AA Hadi, R Hassan, HL Lee 1387
Distribution and abundance of Stomoxyini flies (Diptera: Muscidae) in Thailand  
T Changbunjong, T Weluwanarak, P Ratanakorn, P Maneeon, M Ganpanakngan, C Apiwathnasorn, S Sungvornyothin, P Sriwichai, S Sumruayphol, J Ruangsittichai 1400
Relationship between total thiol status and thrombocytopenia in patients with Crimean- Congo hemorrhagic fever  
R Guner, MA Tasyaran, S Keske, I Hasanoglu, AK Kalem, D Yapar, TA Gulen, S Neselioglu, S Isikoglu, O Erel 1411
Seroprevalence of latent cytomegalovirus infection among elderly Thais  
V Luvira, S Chamnanchanunt, V Bussaratid, P Leaungwutiwong, P Pitisuttithum 1419
Clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes among patients with tuberculosis in Bangkok and Nonthaburi, Thailand  
W Manosuthi, K Kawkitinarong, G Suwanpimolkul, C Chokbumrungsuk, T Jirawattanapisal, K Ruxrungtham, S Akksilp 1426
Molecular analysis and antimicrobial resistance of Vibrio cholerae O1 in northeastern Thailand  
C Chomvarin, W Jumroenjit, W Wongboot, B Kanoktippornchai, P Chaimanee, O Jamjane, S Huttayananont, W Tangkanakul 1437
Decreased susceptibility to antimicrobials among Shigella flexneri isolates in Manipal, South India – a 5 year hospital based study  
B Mamatha, C Rituparna 1447
Immune response in diarrheal patients and asymptomatic carrier with CS6-producing enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli infection  
O Puiprom, S Chantaroj, S Matsuda, P Sawanpanyalert, T Honda, T Iida, T Taniguchi 1452
Molecular characterization of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases and its correlation with clinical laboratory standards institute interpretive criteria for disk diffusion susceptibility testing in Enterobacteriaceae isolates in Thailand  
T Tangkoskul, S Tiengrim, S Onsomang, N Pati, N Aswapokee, V Thamlikitkul, M Chayakulkeeree 1461
Case report. Late onset group B b-hemolytic Streptococcus infection in a neonate manifesting as a urinary tract infection: a rare clinical presentation  
Z Zurina, A Rohani, V Neela, O Norlijah 1470
In vitro antimicrobial activity of volatile organic compounds from Muscodor crispans against the pathogenic oomycete Pythium insidiosum  
T Krajaejun, T Lowhnoo, W Yingyong, T Rujirawat, S Fucharoen, GA Strobel 1474
Case report. Post-operative endophthalmitis due to Fusarium dimerum  
S Khan, GS Pillai, V Vivek, K Dinesh, PM Shamsul Karim 1484
Knowledge, attitudes and practices on influenza A (H1N1) among Kelantanese schoolchildren  
N Wan-Arfah, B Norsa’adah, NN Naing, I Zaliha, AR Azriani, NH Nik-Rosmawati, A Mohamed-Rusli 1489
Knowledge, attitudes, self-awareness, and factors affecting HIV/AIDS prevention among Thai university students  
V Durongritichai 1502
Emergency contraception: knowledge, attitudes and practices among married Malay women staff at a public university in Malaysia  
F Najafi, HA Rahman, M Hanafiah, YA Momtaz, Z Ahmad 1512
Household costs associated with health care seeking at three tertiary care hospitals in Lao PDR  
W Patcharanarumol, L Seingsounthone, M Vonglokham, B Jacobs, V Tangcharoensathien 1521
Effect of the living environment on falls among the elderly in Thailand  
B Sophonratanapokin, Y Sawangdee, K Soonthorndhada 1537
Transtheorethical Model-based education given for smoking cessation in higher school students  
Z Güngörmüs, B Erci 1548
Alcohol consumption patterns among vocational school students in central Thailand  
W Chaveepojnkamjorn 1560
Students’ perception of school environment and life satisfaction at Sinhala-medium secondary schools in the Colombo District, Sri Lanka  
D Nonaka, NS Gunawardena, S Indrawansa, A Nanri, L Rajapakse, T Mizoue, D Samarasinghe 1568
Author index 1577
Subject index 1583
Acknowledgements 1586
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