Volume 47
Number 2
March 2016


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Viability and infectivity of cryopreserved Plasmodium vivax sporozoites  
R Patrapuvich, K Lerdpanyangam, R Jenwithisuk, S Rungin, R Boonhok, A Duangmanee, N Yimamnuaychok, J Sattabongkot 171
Detection of putative antimalarial-resistant Plasmodium vivax in Anopheles vectors at Thailand-Cambodia and Thailand-Myanmar borders  
P Rattaprasert, P Chaksangchaichot, B Wihokhoen, N Suparach, P Sorosjinda-Nunthawarasilp 182
Survey of house rat intestinal parasites from Surabaya District, East Java, Indonesia that can cause opportunistic infections in humans  
RH Prasetyo 194
Discrimination 28S ribosomal gene of trematode cercariae in snails from Chiang Mai Province, Thailand  
C Wongsawad, P Wongsawad, K Sukontason, A Phalee, W Noikong-Phalee, JY Chai 199
Prevalence of Demodex ectoparasites among humans in Ordu Province in Turkey  
Ü Karaman, Z Kolören, Ö Enginyurt, C Çolak 207
High rate of hepatitis B virus mother-to-child transmission in Lao People’s Democratic Republic  
P Jutavijittum, A Yousukh, B Saysanasongkham, B Samountry, K Samountry, K Toriyama, M Tokuda, H Yoneyama, T Masaki 214
An imported case of acute melioidosis caused by ST881 Burkholderia pseudomallei  
Z Zong, X Wang, Y Deng 219
Hepatic lymphoma and splenic aspergillosis mimicking hepatosplenic abscesses from melioidosis in Thailand  
K Poovorawan, AM Thu, M Sutherat, W Phumratanaprapin, N Wisedopas, V Luvira, W Chierakul 223
Factors associated with extended spectrum b-lactamase producing Escherichia coli in community-acquired urinary tract infection at hospital emergency department, Bangkok, Thailand  
S Savatmongkorngul, P Poowarattanawiwit, K Sawanyawisuth, Y Sittichanbuncha 227
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: 1-year collection and characterization from patients in two tertiary hospitals, southern Thailand  
N Bunnueang, S Kongpheng, P Yadrak, P Rattanachuay, S Khianngam, P Sukhumungoon 234
Francisella-like endosymbiont in a tick collected from a chicken in southern Thailand  
P Rakthong, T Ruang-Areerate, V Baimai, W Trinachartvanit, A Ahantarig 245
Overweight, obesity and associated factors among 13-15 years old students in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations member countries, 2007-2014  
S Pengpid, K Peltzer 250
The relationship between metabolic syndrome and its components with socio-economic status among adolescents in Shiraz, Southern Iran  
R Bahrani, YM Chan, GL Khor, H Abdul Rahman, A Esmailzadeh, TW Wong 263
Factors associated with vitamin D status among Thai children aged 3-13 years  
S Senaprom, U Yamborisut, N Rojroongwasinkul, W Wimonpeerapattana, S Purttiponthanee, I Khouw, P Deurenberg 277
Rate of adherence to and factors associated with methadone maintenance treatment program (MMTP) compliance among injecting drug use patients in Nepal  
V Sharma, K Chamroonswasdi, S Srisorrachatr 287
A study of the association between selenium and cardiovascular disease in Lampung, Indonesia  
Mutakin, IF Rivai, A Setiawan, R Abdulah, K Kobayashi, C Yamazaki, S Kameo, M Nakazawa, H Koyama 299
Modeling for demographic and regional prevalence and trends of smoking in Thai males  
A Lim, D McNeil 309
Epidemiological patterns of transport accident mortality in Thailand  
N Klinjun, A Lim, K Bundhamcharoen 318
Comparison of children’s follow-on instant powdered cow’s milk formula, buffalo milk formula and chicken-based formula on enamel microhardness of bovine teeth in vitro  
K Vongsavan, P Rirattanapong, R Surarit 328
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