Volume 5
Number 4
December 1974


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A micro-culture method for the typing of enteroviruses.  
Lam SK. 0
Experimental occult dirofilariasis in dogs with reference to immunological responses and its relationship to tropical eosinophilia in man.  
Wong MM. 0
Pseudomonas pseudomallei: 1. Infection in Thailand.  
Jayanetra P, Pipatanagul S, Punyagupta S, Ratanabanangkoon K, Varavithya W. 0
Erythrocyte ATP levels in mice infected with Plasmodium berghei malaria.  
Areekul S, Thaijongrak K, Kasemsuth R, Matrakul D. 0
Gastrointestinal function, quinine absorption and parasite response in falciparum malaria.  
Segal HE, Hall AP, Jewell JS, Pearlman EJ, NA-Nakorn A, Mettaprakong V. 0
Recrudescence, poor response or resistance to quinine of falciparum malaria in Thailand.  
Jaroonvesama N, Harinasuta T, Munangmanee L. 0
Scanning electron microscopy of hookworms. 1. Adults and infective-stage larvae of Necator americanus (Stiles, 1902).  
Yoshida Y, Matsuo K, Kondo K, Arizono N, Ogino K. 0
Scanning electron microscopy of hookworms. 2. Adults and infective-stage larvae of Ancylostoma duodenale (Dubini, 1843).  
Yoshida Y, Matsuo K, Kondo K, Arizono N, Ogino K. 0
Scanning electron microscopy of hookworms. 1. Morphological differences between infective stages of Ancylostoma caninum (Ercolani, 1859) and Ancylostoma tubaeforme (Zeder, 1800).  
Setasuban P. 0
Ultrastructural studies of intestinal capillariasis Capillaria philippinensis in human and gerbil hosts.  
Sun SC, Cross JH, Berg HS, Kau SL, Singson C, Banzon T, Watten RH. 0
Intestinal parasites and malaria in the Bada and Gimpu areas of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.  
Carney WP, Putrali J, Masri S, Salludin. 0
An epidemiological survey of human intestinal parasites in Vientiane, Laos.  
Sornmani S, Pathammavong O, Bunnag T, Impand P, Intrakhao C, Thirachantra S. 0
Heterophyid (trematoda) parasites of cats in North Thailand, with notes on a human case found at necropsy.  
Kliks M, Tantachamrun T. 0
Comparative clinical trials of niclosamide and tetrachlorethylene in the treatment of Fasciolopsis buski infection.  
Suntharasamai P, Bunnag D, Tejavanij S, Harinasuta T, Migasena S, Vutikes S, Chindanond D. 0
Clinical sequelae after japanese encephalitis: a one year follow-up study in Thailand.  
Schneider RJ, Firestone MH, Edelman R, Chieowanich P, Pornpibul R. 0
Ades mosquito surveillance in the republic of Vietnam.  
Que ND, Rung D, Chow CY. 0
Preliminary survey for chloroquine resistant malaria in parts of North Sumatra, Indonesia.  
Dondero TJ Jr, Kosin E, Parsons RE, Tann G, Lumanuaw FH. 0
Effect of levamisole on the development of Breinlia sergenti in mosquitoes.  
Zaman V, Lim EP. 0
A clinical trial of oral dehydroemetine in opisthorchiasis.  
Muangmanee L, Aswapokee N, Jaroonvesama N, Viranuvatti V. 0
The relationship between protein-calorie malnutrition and trichinosis: 1. Studies on the number of intestinal worms and muscular larvae in rats fed low and high protein diets.  
Saowakontha S. 0
The xylose tolerance test and renal function in the tropics.  
Yee HY, Tu MM. 0
Research Note Capillarid-like eggs in livers of bats from Indonesia.  
Brown RJ, Cross JH, Van Peenen PF, Carney WP, Saroso JS. 0
Research Note Serum haptoglobin levels in patients with liver diseases.  
Arekuul S, Chantachum Y, Matrakul D. 0
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