Volume 50
Number 5
September 2019


Table of Contents  
Amebic vaginal abscess: a case report from Indonesia  
RH Prasetyo 805
Efficacy of liquid bacterial formulation of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp israelensis and Bacillus sphaericus 1593 mixture in controlling mosquito larvae in Bangkok  
S Prummongkol, N Komalamisra, T Phanphoowong, S Chauvatcharin, W Panbangret, R Srisawat 808
Seroprevalence of neutralizing antibody against dengue virus in healthcare workers in Bangkok, Thailand  
WP Vandepitte, A Chaweethamawat, Syoksan 816
Neutralization capacity of pre-membrane and envelope antibody response of dengue serotype-1 DNA vaccine against homotypic and heterotypic dengue viruses  
A Budianti, DH Putri, BE Dewi, A Sjahrurachman, MR Karyanti, TM Sudiro, F Sjatha 825
HIV-1 drug resistance mutations in antiretroviral treated Thai patients with low viral load  
N Horthongkham, K Prasertsom, N Athipunyasilp, P Ammaranond, R Sutthent 832
External quality assessment of molecular diagnostics for Zika virus and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in Korea  
J Chang, H-Y Lee, M-W Seong, M-N Kim, H Sung 840
PCR primer design method for differentiating among Salmonella serogroups based on an algorithm targeting gene-flanking regions  
Y Muramatsu, Y Tsukaya, T Ikeda, L Uchida, Y Osa, D Endoh 848
Molecular characterization of extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli from humans in southern Thailand  
K Sukkua, P Rattanachuay, S Khianngam, F Hayeebilan, P Sukhumungoon 860
Factors associated with nontuberculous mycobacterium pulmonary infections among patients with positive acid-fast bacilli stained sputum in Khon Kaen, Thailand  
P Kampan, W Reechaipichitkul, P Chaimanee 871
Case report Urogenital tuberculosis presenting as IgA nephropathy and recurrent culturenegative urinary tract infections  
KK Wong, CH Ding, Z Zaki, NAS Muttaqillah, YP Wong, PF Wong 881
Socio-demographic, laboratory and clinical features of patients admitted for leptospirosis to two major hospitals in East Malaysia (2011-2014)  
R Mohan, A Fairuz, NHN Atiqah, M Rashidah 886
The risk of mortality in neonatal invasive fungal infection over 29 years  
A Thatrimontrichai, W Janjindamai, S Dissaneevate, G Maneenil 893
Case report Myiasis caused by Lucilia cuprina in an adult patient in Kelantan, Malaysia  
M Hassan, L Tang, A Abu Bakar, ZN Salmuna, TNQT Kamàrul Baharin, WA Nazni, ZZ Deris 900
Review Review of adult tinea capitis cases presenting to Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand  
P Udomphan, S Bunyaratavej, C Leeyaphan, L Matthapan, K Lertrujiwanit, P Pattanaprichakul 905
Association between chronic disease and sleep quality and duration among 18-59-year-old adults in southern China  
Y Wu, Y Zhang, Y Wu, L Fu, X Wu, L Huang, X Wang, B Li, Z Su, Bo Li, PX Wang 912
Factors influencing perceived needs for emergency medical services among elderly patients from four provinces in Thailand  
T Silawan, N Khansakorn, U Laothong 925
Relationship between hemoglobin A1c and ischemic stroke among patients with type-2 diabetes  
W Chaveepojnkamjorn, W Boonrasri, C Viwatwongkasem, S Siri, W Kriengkaisakda 935
Validation of Vietnamese version of Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory version 4.0 generic score scale among school children  
DTH Trang, NT Ha, LTT Ha 942
Comparison of height measuring instruments for children used in two municipalities of Laguna, Philippines  
NP Gordoncillo, NA Tandang, MTM Talavera, DGC Domingo 952
Knowledge, attitudes and practices of medical students regarding influenza vaccination  
JJ Ong, S Dhanapal, YJWY Ng, WC Gan, XY Chan 966
Factors associated with physical activity among grade 4-6 students in northern Thailand  
A Songthap, P Wongsawat, P Suksai, W Kanthasorn, P Suphunnakul 976
Use of more than one form of tobacco among those from a low socioeconomic background in Bangladesh  
M Shahjahan, KR Ahmed, AA Hadrami, HA Rashid, MM Islam 984
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