Volume 8
Number 1
March 1977


Table of Contents  
Acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis in Hong Kong 1971-1975.  
Chang WK, Liu KC, Foo TC, Lam MW, Chan CF. 0
Differentiation of nonfermentative gram-negative bacilli in the clinical laboratory.  
Thong ML. 0
Study of intestinal immunity against V. cholerae: role of antibody to V. cholerae haemagglutinin in intestinal immunity.  
Chaicumpa W, Atthasisiha N. 0
Suppression of microfilaricidal activity of diethylcarbamazine by anti-lymphocyte serum in cotton rat filariasis.  
Tanaka H, Eshita Y, Takaoka M, Fujii G. 0
Studies of Angiostrongylus malaysiensis (Nematoda, Metastrongylidae) in peninsular Malaysia: natural infection in freshwater snails and rodents in ricefields and infectivity experiments.  
Liat LB, Fong YL, Krishnansamy M. 0
Studies on the migratory route of Paragonimus siamensis in the bandicoot (Bandicota indica).  
Ahmad H, Tongsanga S, Chammek A, Areekul S. 0
Studies on the prevalence of Malayan filariasis in South Thailand.  
Guptavanij P, Harinasuta C, Surathin K, Vutikes S, Deesin T. 0
The effect of diethylcarbamazine treatment on the development of bancroftian microfilariae in Culex p. fatigans.  
Chen CC, Fan PC. 0
An autocidal ovitrap for the control and possible eradication of Aedes aegypti.  
Lok CK, Kiat NS, Koh TK. 0
Evaluation of DursbanR and Dowco 214 as mosquito larvicides in rice-fields.  
Yap HH, Ho SC. 0
DDT residues in adipose tissue of people in Rangoon area.  
Shwe KA, Law A. 0
Studies on the life history of Megaselia scalaris (Loew) in Thailand.  
Tumrasvin W, Sucharit S, Vutikes S. 0
An entomological survey on the mosquitoes of Wuvulu Island, Papua-New Guinea.  
Rodhain F, Gaxotte P. 0
Histamine content in 24-hour urine in patients with dengue haemorrhagic fever.  
Tuchinda M, Dhorranintra B, Tuchinda P. 0
Recapitulations on changes in dengue virus properties and the aetiology of haemorrhagic fever.  
Salazar NP. 0
Epidemiology of fluorosis in the Borazjan area of Iran. I. Fluoride content in drinking water.  
Imandel K, Khodabandeh A, Mesghaly A, Firozian H. 0
The urinary sulfur/creatinine ratio in the assessment of protein nutritional status.  
Schreurs WH, Schelp FP, Pongpaew P, Supawan V, Migasena P. 0
The effect of topical retinoic acid (Airol) in the treatment of tinea versicolor.  
Handojo I, Subagjo B, Hadi S. 0
Murine typhus in a Malaysian village.  
Brown GW, Dohany AL, Shirai A, Gan E, Huxsoll DL. 0
Resistance to antimalarials by Plasmodium falciparum in Burma.  
Tin F, Hlaing N. 0
Recent outbreaks of Japanese encephalitis in Burma.  
Ming CK, Swe T, Thaung U, Lwin TT. 0
The association between thalassaemic diseases and traits and post-streptococcal acute glomerulonephritis.  
Tanphaichitr P, Banchet P, Petchclai B, Hathirat P, Sasasnakul W, Chatasingh C, Hiranras S. 0
Research Note Records of Cytamoeba Labbé, 1894, and Toddia franca, 1910, in some anurans from the Malayan Peninsula.  
Sullivan JS, Sullivan JJ. 0
Research Note Entonyssus asiaticus Fain, 1960 (Acari: Entonyssidae), a lung parasite of Malaysian snakes with notes on the immature stages.  
Stiller D, Lim BL, Nadchatram M. 0
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