Volume 25
Number 2
June 1994


Table of Contents  
Population growth and public health  
Editorial 229
Review : Strain complex of Schistosoma japonicum in the mainland of China  
YX He, YQ Hu, QF Yu, CH Ni, HC Xue, LS Qiu, M Xie 232
Comparative nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequence of the envelope ghycoprotein gene among three dengue virus type 2 strains isolated from patients with different disease severities in Maha Sarakham, Northeast Thailand  
S Duangchanda, M Tanaka, K Morita, S Rojanasuphot, A Igarishi 243
Effects of human a, {3 andY interferons on varicella zoster virus in vitro  
K Balachandra, D Thawaranantha, P Isarangkul Na Ayuthaya, J Bhumisawasdi, K Shiraki, K Yamanishi 252
Detection and serotyping of dengue viruses by PCR : a simple, rapid method for the isolation of viral RNA from infected mosquito larvae  
SY Chan, I Kautner, SK Lam 258
Comparative sensitivity of laboratory methods to diagnose dengue virus infections at Husada Hospital, Jakarta  
R Tan, H Kurniawan, S Hartati, S Widjaja, GB Jennings 262
A simplified and highly sensitive detection of Trypanosoma evansi by DNA amplification  
N Wuyts, N Chokesajjawatee, S Panyim 266
Depressed specific and nonspecific immune responses in the secondary Brugia pahangi infection of jirds  
M Owhahsi, Y Horii, Y Nawa 272
In vitro cultivation of third stage larvae of Wuchereria bancrojii to fourth stage : influence of some physico-chemical factors  
SL Hoti, A Martial-Gros, KP Paily, AM Manonmani, K Athisaya Mary, K Balaraman 278
The natural first intermediate host of Paragonimus siamensis (Miyazaki and Wykoff, 1965) in Thailand  
S Yaemput, P Dekumyoy, K Visiassuk 284
Epidemiologic characteristics of clonorchiasis sinensis in Guandong Province, China  
YY Fang 291
The prevalence and intensity of soil-transmitted helminths in some rural villages in Northern Peninsular Malaysia  
WA Rahman 296
Statistical analysis of clinical, immunological and nutritional factors in pediatric cryptosporidiosis in the Philippines  
OM Menorca, MA Laxer, AK Alcantara, M Javato-Laxer, MT Fernando, V Gonzales 300
A clinical study on trichinosis in Changwat Phayao, Thailand  
S Limsuwan, V Siriprasert 305
Spontaneous granulomatous amebic encephalitis: report of four cases fram Thailand  
T Sangruchi, AJ Martinez, GS Visvesvara 309
Research report: An outbreak of gastroenteritis due to Vibrio cholerae 0139 in Pondicherry, South India  
N Vijayalakshmi, RS Rao, S Sujatha, A Hamid, TK Dutta, AK Das 314
Reliability of two commercial serological kits for serodiagnosing Helicobacter pylori infection  
AM Uyub, A Khairul Anuar, S Aiyar 316
Reactivity of the CD D-1 latex test with Clostridium difficile and other bacteria  
S Wongwanich, M Kusum, R Phan-Urai 321
Detectiion of salmonellae in hen eggs in Thailand  
K Saitanu, C Koowatananukul, J Jerngklinchan, J Sasipreeyajan 324
Incidence of salmonellae in duck eggs in Thailand  
K Saitanu, J Jerngklinchan, C Koowatananukul 328
Nosocomial pneumonias in Thailand  
S Saenghirunvattana, P Charoenpan, S Kiatboonsri, B Aeursudkij 332
Nocturnal physiological and biochemical changes in Sudden unexplained death Syndrome : A preliminary report of a case control study  
P Charoenpan, K Muntarbhorn, P Boongird, G Puavilai, R Ratanaprakarn, S Indraprasit, V Tanphaichitr, K Likittanasombat, W Varavithya, P Tatsanavivat 335
Spirometric volumes in Malaysian males  
R Singh, HJ Singh, RG Sirisinghe 341
The efficacy of compression immobilization technique in retarding spread of radio-labeled Rusell's viper venom in rhesus monkeys and mock venom Nai131 in human volunteers  
Tune-Pe, Muang-Muang-Thwin, Myint-Myint-Than, Aye-Aye-Myint, Kyaw-Myint, Thein-than 349
Physical fitness in obese school children in Hat Yai, Southern Thailand  
S Pongprapai, L Mo-suwan, W Leelasamran 354
Factors affecting utilization of health centers in a rural area of Chon Buri Province, Thailand  
DR Shrestha, A Ittiravivongs 361
Trial of transdermal nicotine patch in smoking cessation  
S Saenghirunvattana 368
Monitoring resistance gene frequencies in Malaysian Culex quinquefasciatus say adults using rapid non-specific esterase enzyme microassays  
HL Lee, T Tadano 371
Use of hexaflumuron, an insect growth regulator in the control of Aedes albopictus (Skuse)  
D Montada, AR Rajavel, V Vasuki 374
Studies on the mosquito vectors of Japanese encephalitis virus in Mandya district, Karnataka, India  
G Geevarghese, AC Mishra, PG Jacob, HR Bhat 378
Studies on adult mosquito vectors of Japanese encephalitis in a pig farm in Selangor, Malaysia  
I Vythilingam, S Mahadevan, MZ Zaridah, KK Ong, G Abdullah, YF Ong 383
Sex ratio and susceptibility of the golden apple snail, Pomacea canaliculata  
S Banpavichit, RS Keawjam, ES Upatham 387
Research note : Hepatitis A virus antibody in mentally retarded children  
Y Poovorawan, S Yodvised, A Theamboonlers, V Prapanpot, S Chumdermpadetsuk 392
Research note : Absence of plasmid in mosquitocidal Clostridium bifermentans serovar Malaysia  
P Seleena, HL Lee 394
Case report : Quinine toxicity when given with doxycycline and mefloquine  
J Karbwang, K Na-Bangchang, A Thanavibul, Y Wattanakoon, T Harinasuta 397
Case report : Gastric ascariasis associated with upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage  
P Wilairatana, S Wilairatana, P Charoenlarp 401
Case report : Fatal diphtheria in a Thai adult  
V Viriyautsahakul, T Tantawichien, U Thisyakorn 402
Case report : Diabetes mellitus, salmonellosis, fatty liver and lipid embolism  
S Shuangshoti 405
Concentration time course of praziquantel in Filipines with mild Schistosomajaponicum infection  
CI Valencia, BA Catto, LT Webster Jr, E Barcelon, R Ofendo-Reyes 409
Human genetic disease in Asia  
Editorial 417
Review : Perspectives of using Euphorbia splendens as a molluscicide in schistosomiasis control programs  
DF Baptista, MC Vasconcellos, FE Lopes, IP Silva, VT Schall 419
Epidemiological studies of malaria at Pongnamron, Eastern Thailand  
P Kamolratanakul, B Dhanamun, S Lertmaharit, T Seublinwong, R Udomsangpetch, S Thai tong 425
Field evaluation of simplified radioactive and nonradioactive DNA probe methods for the diagnosis of falciparum malaria  
M Ponglikitmongkol, D Nicomrat, V Boonsaeng, P Wilairat, S Panyim 430
Separation of antigenic glycoprotein fractions from cell-free homogenate of Pseudomonas pseudomallei and characterization as tyrosinephosphatase  
E Kondo, P Wangroongsaub, P Naigowit, K Kanai 436
Exotoxin profiles ofCampylobacters isolated in Malaysia  
TS Tee, S Devi, SD Puthucheary, IM Kautner 443
Significance of blood coagulation and platelet profiles in relation to pulmonary thrombosis in Beta-thalassemia/Hb E  
S Visudhiphan, K Ketsa-Ard, S Tumliang, A Piankijagum 449
The increasing importance of vitamin B12 deficiency as a contributing factor to anemia in Malaysia  
R Ishak, K Hassan 457
Hookworm anemia in the adult population of Jagapati village, Bali, Indonesia  
IM Bakta, FX Budhiants S 459
Detection by immunoblot assay of antibodies to Taenia solium cysticerci in sera from residents of rural communities and from epileptic patients in Bali, Indonesia  
JH Theis, RS Goldsmith, A Flisser, J Koss, C Chioino, A Plancarte, A Segura, D Widjana, P Sutisna 464
Intestinal parasitoses in the Kandy area, Sri Lanka  
NR de Silva, HJ de Silva, VPP Jayapani 469
Quetelet index, hemoglobin and parasitic infection of rural women in Northeast Thailand  
S Saowakontha, P Pongpaew, FP Schelp, K Rojsathaporn, P Sriboonlue, N Vudhivaj, C Intarakhao, V Pipitgool, U Mahaweerawat, V Supawan, B Prayurahong, P Sanchaisuriya, E Hinz, A Hempfling, D Bohning, P Migasena 474
Seroepidemiological study of toxoplasmosis in two different geographical areas in Nepal  
SK Rai, H Shibata, K Sumi, K Kubota, K Hirai, A Matsuoka, T Kubo, T Tamura, SR Basnet, HG Shrestha, RC Mahajan 479
Distribution of anti- Toxoplasma gondii antibodies among Orang Asli (Aborigines) in Peninsula Malaysia  
SL Hakim, T Radzan, M Nazma 485
Blastocystis hominis infection, a cause of human diarrhea  
B Sinniah, B Rajeswari 490
Enterobius vermicularis infection among children aged 1-8 years in a rural area in Malaysia  
M Norhayati, MI Noor Hayati, P Oothuman, 0 Azizi, MS Fatmah, G Ismail, Y Muzain Minudin 494
Occurrence of the infective stage of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in the Yellow Tree Monitor (Vera nus bengalensis) in five provinces of Thailand  
P Radomyos, A Tungtrongchitr, R Praewanich, P Khewwatchan, T Kantangkul, P Junlananto, S Isarankura Na Ayudhaya 498
Ultrastructural observations on cercaria of Schistosoma japonicum  
YX He, M Xie 501
Studies on host-parasite relationship between the Puerto Rican strain of Schistosoma mansoni and Biomphalaria snails  
Iwanaga 509
Cumulative exposure and its relationship with chronic filarial disease in bancroftian filariasis  
PK Das, A Srividya, SP Pani, KD Ramaiah, P Vanamail, V Dhanda 516
Composite fish culture for mosquito control in rice fields in Southern India  
TJ Vector, B Chandrasekaran, R Reuben 522
Comparative susceptibility of Periplaneta americana (L) to five pyrethroid insecticides  
Vythilingam, Y Sutivigit 528
Adult population differences in response to six insecticides in Culex fuscocephala Theobald  
N Pushpalatha, VA Vijayan 532
Effect of sublethal dosages of insecticides on Chikungunya virus susceptible and refractory strains of Aedes aegypti  
DT Mourya, MD Gokhale, K Baneljee 536
Breeding of Aedes aeg;pti (L.) and Aedes albopictus (Skuse) in urban housing of Sibu Town, Sarawak  
CM Seng, N Jute 543
Early mental and neurological sequelae after Japanese B encephalitis  
Bui Vu Huy, Hang Cam Tu, Tran Van Luan, R Lindqvist 549
Dengue- 3 (16562) PGMK 33 vaccine: neurovirulence, viremia and immune responses inMacacafascicularis  
S Angsubnakorn, S Yoksan, A Pradermwong, S Thongwan, S Sahaphong N Bharmarapravati 554
Storage stability of dengue IgM and IgG antibodies in whole blood and serum dried on filter paper strips detected by ELISA  
S Ruangturakit, S Rojanasuphot, A Srijunggravanvong, S Duangchanda, S Nuangplee, A Igarishi 560
Poliomyelitis and measles serosurvey in Northern Malaysia  
TS Sarawathy, M Sinniah, WS Lee, MS Lye, KE Choo, H Jusoh 565
Vaccine - preventable disease susceptibility in a young adult Micronesian population  
BG Withers, PW Kelley, LW Pang, JA Kustermann, PO MacArthy, BJ Russel, MA Pallansch 569
Endemic goiter in the Lemanak and Ai river villages of Sarawak  
LC Foo, T Zainab, GR Letchuman, M Nafikudin, R Azriman, P Doraisingam, AK Khalid 575
Hospital admissions due to acute poisoning in the New Territories, Hong Kong  
TYK Chan, JAJH Critchley 579
Socio - demographic characteristics and health status of urban Thai elderly  
P Pongpaew, R Tungtrongchitr,A Lertchavanakul,B Phonrat,S Tawprasert,S Vorasant,P Migasena,FP Schelp 583
Knowledge, attitudes and practices of mothers on childhood acute respiratory infections (ARI)  
Thein Aung, Khin Myat Tun, Kyaw Thinn, Aye Aye Thein 590
Case report : Meningoencephalomyelitis and neuritis clinically diagnosed as multiple sclerosis  
S Shuangshoti 594
Case report : Capillariasis with chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction  
P Wilairatana 600
Case report : Melioidotic spondylitis mimicing tuberculous spondylitis  
P Wilairatana, V Wilairatana 603
Case report : Control of intractable gastric hemorrhage by monosodim glutamate  
W Varavithya, P Phuapradit, K Asdamongkol 605
Research note: Evaluation ofneem oil as sandfly, Phlebotomus papatasi (scopoli) repellent in an oriental sore endmic area in Rajasthan  
RC Dhiman, VP Sharma 608
Editorial : Discolsure of cigarette ingredients potential domino effect?  
S. Buasai 613
Editorial : Equity, poverty and the economics of health care consumption  
C. Kidson 615
Review : Poverty, income inequality and health care consumption in Thailand  
I Sarntisart 618
Effects of piped water supply on the incidence of diarrheal diseases in children in Southern Thailand  
V. Chongsuvivatwong, L Mo-suwan, J Chompikul, K Vitsupakorn, D McNeil 628
Microbiological quality of drinking water and using water of a Chao Phya River community, Bangkok  
P Luksamijarulkul, V Punsuwan, S Pungchitton 633
A home-made IMV-CPAP system for difficult to wean patients  
S. Kiatboonsri 638
The efficacy of Japanese encephalitis vaccine in Henan, China: a case-control study  
DP Luo, HJ Yin, XL Liu, JD Song, Z Wang 643
Comparative results in detection of HCV antibodies by using a rapid HCV test, ELISA and immunoblot  
Y Poovorawan, A Theamboonlers, S Chumderrnpadetsuk, CP Thong 647
Cryptosporidiosis among HIV positive intravenous drug users in Malaysia  
A G Mohamed Kamel, N Maning, S Arulmainthan, S Murad, A Nasuruddin, KPF Lai 650
Cryptosporidiosis in Myanmar infants with acute diarrhea  
Tin Aye, Kyaw Moe, Mar Mar Nyein, Than Swe 654
Incidence of Mycoplasmapneumoniae Chlamydia trachmatis and viral infections in pneumonia cases under six months of age, Bangkok, Thailand  
P Puthavathana, S Habanananda, C Wasi, U Kositanont. T Chantarojanasiri, S S'uwanjutha, R Kanyok, K Raksakait, P Thongcharoen 657
Risk factors of streptococcal colonization in school age children  
S Likitnukul, N Prapphal, K Tatiyakavee, P Nunthapisud, S Chumderrnpadetsuk 664
Systemic Haemophilus influenzae disease in Thai children  
S Likitnukul 672
Factors influencing case-fatality rate of septicemic children  
P Pruekprasert, V Chongsuvivatwong, P Patamasucon 678
Etiology of acute lower respiratory infection in Filipino children under five years  
M U Capeding, LT Sombrero, FJ Paladin, H Suzuki, Y Numazaki, MC Saniel 684
First isolation of Salmonella blockley in Thailand  
A Bangtrakulnonth, O Suthienkul, A Kitjakara, S Pomrungwong, K Siripanichgon 688
PCR based detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis : effect of sample preparation  
J Perera, NV Chandrasekharan, EH Karunanayake 693
The use of surgical antibiotic prophylaxis in seven Malaysian hospitals  
V KE Lim, YM Cheong, AB Suleiman 698
Artemether 5 versus 7 day regimen for severe falciparum malaria  
J Karbwang, K Na-Bangchang, Y Wattanakul, A Thanavibul, T Harinasuta 702
Absence of anti-purkinje cell antibodies in patients with cerebellar ataxia following falciparum malaria  
HJ d e Silva, N Senanayake 707
The use of primaquine in malaria infected patients with red cell glucose -6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) enzyme deficiency in Myanmar  
Mat-Phone -yaw, Myint-Oo, Aung-Naing, Aye-Lwin-Htwe 710
Epidemiological surveillance of filariasis after its control in Shandong Province, China  
WC Cao, JF Xu, ZX Ren 714
Micro - spatial variation of filarial disease and risk of developing disease associated with microfilaremia in urban situation  
SP Pani, P Vanamail, A Srivadya, PK Das, V Dhanda 719
Comparative study on dot-immunogold silver staining and dot-ELISA for the detection of serum antibodies against Wucherrria bancrofti  
Y. S Liu, WP Du, M Chen, ZX Wu 724
Genetic variability in isozymes of Angiostrongylus malaysiensis  
K Sawabe, K Makiya 728
Prevalence of intestinal helminthic infections in Kao district, North Halmahera, Indonesia  
A Mangalio, P Sasabone, Syafruddin, K Abadi, M Hasan, H Hnsegawa, T Towa, K Kamimura, 1 Miyagi, M Mogi 737
Evaluation of hookworm control program in southern Thailand  
V. Chongsuvivatwong, S Pas-Ong, W Ngoathammatasna, D McNeil, K Vithsupakorn, V Bridhikitti, Jongsuksuntigul, C Jeradit 745
Population interaction of Toxorhynchites splendens and Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) in the laboratory  
D D Amalraj, PK Das 752
Larvicidal potential of five Philippine plants against Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus) and Culex quinquefasciatus (Say)  
RB Monzon, JP Alvior, LLC Luczon, AS Morales, FES Mutuc 755
Aquatic vegatation and their natural hospitability to the immatures of Mansonia mosquitos, the vectors of Brugia malayi in ShertaIlai, Kerala, India  
K. Krishnamoorthy, G Rajendran, KN Panicker 760
Susceptibility of Thai zoophilic anophelines and suspected malaria vectors to local strains of human malaria parasites  
P Somboon, W Suwonkerd, JD Lines 766
Smoke as a form of personal protection against mosquitos, a field study in Papua New Guinea  
R Vernkde, MMM van Meer, MP Alpers 771
Case report : Melioidotic otitis media  
P. WiIairatana, S Looareesuwan 776
Case report : Rate-bite fever caused by Streptobacillus monilqormis  
P Buranakitjaroen, S Nilganuwong, V Gherunpong 778
Case report : Artemether saved a patient with severe falciparum malaria after quinine treatment failure (R III type of quinine resistance)  
J Karbwang, M Mungthin, A Thanavibul, K Na-Bangchang, T Harinasuta 782
Research report : First report of in vitro susceptibility of Plasmodium malariae Thai isolates to chloroquine  
P Tan-ariya, S Pasuralertsakul 784
Research note : Evaluation of the quantitative buffy coat analysis(QBC ) system for the detection Leptospira in human blood  
KJ Kramer, LW Pang, HP Minette, JB Perrone 788
Research note : Morphology of the cyst of Blastocystis hominis  
V Zaman 790
Research note : A Comparison of direct microscopy with culture for the diagnosis of Blastocystis hominis  
V Zaman, KZ Khan 792
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