Volume 33
Supplement 3


Table of Contents  
Foreword i
Acknowledgements ii
Polymorphisms of CD36 in Thai malaria patients  
K Omi, J Ohashi, I Naka, J Patarapotikul, H Hananantachai, S Looareesuwan, K Tokunaga 1
Lack of association between interleukin -10 gene promoter polymorphism, -1082G/A, and severe malaria in Thailand  
J Ohashi, I Naka, J Patarapotikul, H Hananantachai, S Looareesuwan, K Tokunaga 5
PCR-amplification, sequencing, and comparison of the VAR/PFEMP-1 gene from the bood of patients with falciparum malaria in the Philippines  
N Ikenoue, S Kawazu, T Hatabu, EA Villacorte, PT Rivera, S Kano 8
Malaria among hilltribe communities in northern Thailand: a review of clinical manifestations  
A Suyaphun, V Wiwanitkit, J Suwansaksri, S Nithiuthai, S Sritar, W Suksirisampant, A Fongsungnern 14
A simple technique for the in vitro cultivation of nocturnally subperiodic Brugia malayi infective larvae  
P Tippawangkosol, W Choochote, D Riyong, A Jitpakdi, B Pitasawat 16
Intraspecific hybridization of Anopheles minimus (Diptera: Culicidae) species A and C in Thailand  
W Choochote, Y Rongsriyam, S Leemingsawat, A Jitpakdi, N Komalamisra, K Surathin, P Somboon, B Chen, S Wongkamchai, N Jariyapan, P Tippawangkosol, B Pitasawat, D Riyong 23
Intraspecific hybridization of two karyotypic forms of Anopheles vagus (Diptera: Culicidae) and the related egg surface topography  
W Choochote, A Jitpakdi, K Sukontason, U Chaithong, S Wongkamchai, B Pitasawat, N Jariyapan, T Suntaravitun, E Ratanachanpichai, K Sukontason, S Leemingsawat, Y Rongsriyam 29
Survey of indoor cockroaches in some dwellings in Bangkok  
P Sriwichai, D Nacapunchai, S Pasuralertsakul, Y Rongsriyam, U Tharava 36
Ixodid ticks on domestic animals in Samut Prakan Province, Thailand  
C Nithikathkul, P Polseela, B Changsap, S Leemingsawat 41
Cyclospora cayetanensis: oocyst characteristics and excystation  
C Siripanth, R Phraevanich, W Suphadtanaphongs, N Thima, P Radomyos 45
In-vitro effect of artesunate against Acanthamoeba spp  
D Nacapunchai, K Phadungkul, S Kaewcharus 49
Improved antigens for IgG-ELISA diagnosis of strongyloidiasis  
P Dekumyoy, K Somtana, P Jantanawiwat, S Nuamtanong, S Sa-nguankiat, S Nuchfaong, K Janyapoon, D Chindanond 53
Prevalence and intensity of third stage Gnathostoma spinigerum larvae in swamp eels sold in three large markets in Bangkok, Thailand  
W Saksirisampant, S Nuchprayoon, V Wiwanitkit, K Kraivichian, J Suwansaksri 60
Fish as the natural second intermediate host of Gnathostoma spinigerum  
W Rojekittikhun, J Waikagul, T Chaiyasith 63
Enterobius vermicularis infection among pre-school children in Karen hilltribe villages in Chiang Mai, Thailand  
A Tukaew, T Chaisalee, S Nithiuthai, S Thiamtip, A Suyaphun, V Wiwanitkit, J Suwansaksri 70
Enterobiasis in primary schools in Bang Khun Thian district, Bangkok, Thailand  
B Changsap, C Nithikathkul, P Boontan, S Wannapinyosheep, N Vongvanich, C Poister 72
Factors affecting the hatching of human pinworm ova  
D Nacapunchai, C Lamom, B Boonsongpairod, P Piumngam 76
Recent advances in basic and applied science for the control of taeniasis/cysticercosis in Asia  
A Ito, T Wandra, R Subahar, A Hamid, H Yamasaki, Y Sako, W Mamuti, M Okamoto, K Nakaya, M Nakao, Y Ishikawa, T Suroso, PS Craig, SS Margono 79
Collaboration for the control of cysticercosis/echinococcosis in Vietnam  
A Ito 83
The diagnosis of human opisthorchiasis  
N Jamornthanyawat 86
Production of monoclonal antibodies against partially purified surface tegument antigens of Fasciola gigantica  
D Krailas, S Panomsuk, T Janecharat, S Ukong 92
The formol-ether concentration technique for intestinal parasites: comparing 0.1 N sodium hydroxide with normal saline preparations  
J Suwansaksri, S Nithiuthai, V Wiwanitkit, S Soogarun, P Palatho 97
Pineapple juice as an agent for the digestion of fish prior to harvesting of metacercariae  
T Prawang, K Sukontason, KL Sukontason, W Choochote, S Piangjai 99
A survey of metacercariae in cyprinoid fish in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeast Thailand  
S Nithiuthai, J Suwansaksri, V Wiwanitkit, P Chaengphukeaw 103
A survey of trematode carcariae in Bithynia goniomphalos in northeast Thailand  
S Nithiuthai, V Wiwanitkit, J Suwansaksri, P Chaengphukeaw 106
Parasitic infections in Thai workers that pursue averseas employment: the need for a screening program  
W Saksirisampant, V Wiwanitkit, P Akrabovorn, S Nuchprayoon 110
School-based helminthiases control: I. A baseline study of soil-transmitted helminthiases in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand  
MT Anantaphruti, P Jongsuksuntigul, T Imsomboon, N Nagai, C Muennoo, S Saguankiat, S Pubampen, S Kojima 113
Prevalence of Salmonella and E. coli, and their resistance to antimicrobial agents, in farming communities in northern Thailand  
R Hanson, JB Kaneene, P Padungtod, K Hirokawa, C Zeno 120
Surveillance for meningococcal carriage by Muslims returning from the Hajj to Hat Yai airport, Thailand  
S Phrom-in 127
Biological false reactive VDRL tests: when to re-test?  
V Wiwanitkit 131
Genotype distribution of genital Chlamydia trachomatis in Chiang Mai, Thailand  
K Wongworapat, P Veeraseatakul, K Jitvacharanun, P Leechanachai 133
Molecular serotyping of dengue viruses in field-caught Aedes mosquitos by in-house RNA extraction/ RT-PCR reagent kits  
P Pankhong, W Siriprasertkul, S Patpoparn, M Srisuphanunt, J Rojanapremsuk, R Sithiprasasna, RE Coleman, A Nisalak, TP Endy, MK Attatippaholkun, WH Attatippaholkun 139
Vaccinating Thai adolescents against hepatitis A: is it cost-effective?  
S Soogarun, V Wiwanitkit 145
Human herpesvirus 6 antibodies in β-thalassemia/hemoglobin E pediatric patients  
B Bhattarakosol, V Wiwanitkit, C Boonchalermvichian, I Nuchprayoon 149
Antifungal activity and local toxicity of Alangium salviifolium subsp hexapetalum.  
M Wuthi-udomlert, S Prathanturarug, Y Wongkrajang 152
The toxicology of Butea superba, Roxb.  
A Pongpanparadon, S Aritajat, K Saenphet 155
Using reticulocyte indices to identity α-thalassemia - a preliminary report  
S Soogarun, J Suwansaksri, V Wiwanitkit 159
Facilities for the disabled in the commercial districts of Bangkok - are they adequate?  
W Waenlor, V Wiwanitkit, J Suwansaksri, S Soogarun 164
Cadaver donation: a retrospective review at the King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok  
S Agthong, V Wiwanitkit 166
Potential exposure to liability of investigators performing clinical research in developing nations  
WA Sodeman, Jr 168