Volume 43
Number 5
September 2012


Table of Contents  
Factors associated with acute renal failure in adults with severe falciparum malaria  
KKYK Win, V Thanachartwet, Y Wattanagoon, S Jerraksuwan, R Ruangweerayut, V Desakorn 1071
Case report. Plasmodium malariae-infected erythrocytes in the peripheral blood, liver, stomach and duodenum: an ultrastructural study  
E Pongponratn, O Prommano, U Chaisri, P Viriyavejakul, P Wilairatana 1080
Toxoplasmosis and neosporosis among beef cattle slaughtered for food in western Thailand  
J Wiengcharoen, C Nakthong, J Mitchaothai, R Udonsom, Y Sukthana 1087
Evaluation of recombinant serine protease inhibitor from Trichinella spiralis for immuno-diagnosis of swine trichinosis  
S Nuamtanong, P Dekumyoy, P Adisakwattana 1094
Degradation of human matrix metalloprotease-9 by secretory metalloproteases of Angiostrongylus cantonensis infective stage  
P Adisakwattana, S Nuamtanong, P Yenchitsomanus, C Komalamisra, L Meesuk 1105
Mite fauna and mite antigen detection in house dust found in residential areas in Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines  
RAM Catanghal, VGV Paller 1114
New genetic variation of Aedes albopictus densovirus isolated from mosquito C6/36 cell line  
K Sangdee, S Pattanakitsakul 1122
Effect of peritrophic matrix c- type lectin (AdPMCTL) on blood-meal size in Anopheles dirus  
P Krairojananan, J Sattabongkot, P Chavalitshewinkoon-Petmitr 1134
Research note. Natural transovarial dengue virus infection rate in both sexes of dark and pale forms of Aedes aegypti from an urban area of Bangkok, Thailand  
S Thongrungkiat, L Wasinpiyamongkol, P Maneekan, S Prummongkol, Y Samung 1146
Purification and characterization of anti-HIV-1 protein from Canna indica L. leaves  
A Thepouyporn, C Yoosook, W Chuakul, K Thirapanmethee, C Napaswad, C Wiwat 1153
Genetic polymorphisms among Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in northern India  
SK Sharma, S Sethi, A Mewara, S Meharwal, SK Jindal, M Sharma, R Tewari, VM Katoch 1161
Risk factors and clinical outcomes of extended spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Escherichia coli septicemia at Srinagarind University Hospital, Thailand  
S Anunnatsiri, P Towiwat, P Chaimanee 1169
Carbapenem resistance due to BLAOXA-48 among ESBL-producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates in a Univesity Hospital, Turkey  
H Nazik, B Ongen, M Ilktac, S Aydin, N Kuvat, A Sahin, M Yemisen, B Mete, MS Durmus, II Balkan, I Yildiz, Y Ergul 1178
Research note. Bartonella species in dogs and their ectoparasites from Khon Kaen Province, Thailand  
SA Billeter, S Sangmaneedet, RC Kosakewich, MY Kosoy 1186
Awareness, practices, and health problems of backpackers traveling during flooding in Thailand during 2011  
W Piyaphanee, J Olanwijitwong, T Kusolsuk, U Silachamroon 1193
Case report. Thalamic infarction following a Russell’s viper bite  
AM Ittyachen, MB Jose 1201
Human myiasis in Fars Province, Iran  
K Akbarzadeh, J Rafinejad, H Alipour, A Biglarian 1205
Case report. Cryptococcus humicolus meningitis: first case report in Malaysia  
SR Ramli, MC Leong, TMN Khaithir, MNAziz, LC Loon, Md Hanip Rafia 1212
Review. Why Thailand should consider promoting neonatal circumcision?  
K Srithanaviboonchai, RM Grimes 1218
The modifiable noncommunicable risk factors among an Iranian population  
S Shirani, K Heidari, AM Sabzghabaee, P Mirmoghtadaee, L Hoseini, H Aalifar, H Fadaei, H Esnaashari, R Soltani 1227
Knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors regarding antibiotic use for upper respiratory tract infections: a survey of Thai students  
W Saengcharoen, S Lerkiatbundit , K Kaewmang 1233
Research note. Factors influencing chronic diabetic complications in Type 1 diabetes  
N Panamonta, T Prathipanawatr, O Panamonta 1245
Plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase sulfhydryl modifications: implication for oxidized red cell  
N Pengpanichpakdee, T Thadtapong, S Auparakkitanon, P Wilairat 1252
Case report. Hemoglobin pyrgos with hemoglobin H disease: new triple heterozygosity  
S Insiripong, V Jitpakdeebodin, Y Jopang, S Fucharoen 1258
Motivation and job satisfaction among multipurpose health workers in hilly and non-hilly areas of Jashpur District, Chhattisgarh: an exploratory study  
GJ Lakra, S Kadam, MA Hussain, S Pati, K Sharma, S Zodpey 1262
Emotional and behavioral problems among adolescent smokers and their help-seeking behavior  
L Muthupalaniappen, J Omar, K Omar, T Iryani, SN Hamid 1273
Validity and reliability of the early childhood caries perceptions scale (ECCPS) to assess health beliefs related to early childhood caries prevention among primary caregivers of children under 5 years of age  
PP Pisarnturakit, BR Shaw, C Tanasukarn, Paranee Vatanasomboon 1280
Effectiveness of soy milk with calcium on bovine enamel erosions after soaking in chlorinated water  
K Vongsavan, R Surarit, P Rirattanapong 1292
Effectiveness of oral hygiene instruction media on periodontal health among hearing impaired children  
M Arunakul, Y Kuphasuk, R Boonyathanasit 1297
Letter. Epidemiology of HIV infection among men having sex with men in Shanghai, China  
Y Zheng, H Lu, X Jiang, M Pang, C Farthing 1304
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