Volume 31
Number 4
December 2000


Table of Contents  
C Kidson 621
Humoral immune response following hepatitis B vaccine booster dose in children with and without prior immunization  
V Chongsrisawat, A Theamboonlers, S Khwanjaipanich, S Owatanapanich, S Sinlaparatsamee, Y Poovorawan 623
Core promoter and precore mutants of hepatitis B virus : prevalence and clinical relevance in chronic hepatitis patients  
P Tangkijvanich, A Theamboonlers, P Jantaradsamee, P Hirsch, V Mahachai, P Suwangool, Y Poovorawan 627
Assessment of dengue hemorrhagic fever in Myanmar  
Cho-Min-Naing 636
Case report : Mobitz type 1 second degree AV block during recovery from dengue hemorrhagic fever : Report of two cases  
A Khongphattanayothin, P Chotivitayatarakorn, S Somchit, A Mitprasart, S Sakolsattayadorn, C Thisyakorn 642
Seroepidemiology of varicella-zoster in Pakistan  
DS Akram, H Quereshi, A Mahmud, AA Khan, Z Kundi, S Shafi, N-ur-Rehman, B Olowokure, J Weil, H Bock, I Yazdani 646
A review of Hib epidemiology in Asia  
S Lolekha 650
Immune responses to measles immunization and the impact on HIV-infected children  
P Thaithumyanon, S Punnahitananda, U Thisyakorn, P Praisuwanna, K Ruxrungtham 658
Opportunistic infections in the liver of HIV-infected patients in Thailand: A necropsy study  
P Viriyavejakul, P Rojanasunan, A Viriyavejakul, P Punyarit, B Punpoowong, V Khachansaksumet, M Riganti, E Pongponratn 663
Detection and molecular characterization of Vibrio vulnificus from coastal waters of Malaysia  
S Radu, Yuherman, G Rusul, LK Yeang, M Nishibuchi 668
Development of ARI case management at primary and secondary level in southern Vietnam  
NT Ngoc Anh, TT Tram, L Tri, TN Huu, FK Pedersen, K Mogensen, E Andersen 674
Risk factors for penicillin-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae acquisition in patients in Bangkok  
C Dejthevaporn, A Vibhagool, A Thakhakkinstian, S Sirinavin, M Vorachit 679
Research note: Detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniae from cerebrospinal fluid samples of pediatric patients  
ST Tay, MY Habsah, SC Tan, MY Rohani 684
Isolation and polymerase chain reaction detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniae in Malaysian patients with respiratory tract infections 688
ST Tay, MY Habsah, SC Tan, MY Rohani  
Enzyme biotypes of Helicobacter pylori isolated from Penang, Peninsular Malaysia  
AM Uyub, AA Ahmad Azlan 693
Application of ribosomal RNA gene restriction patterns analysis and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis in distinguishing Salmonella weltevreden isolates in Malaysia  
YL Goh, SD Puthucheary, KL Thong 697
The diagnostic value of the ELISA-Ty test for the detection of typhoid fever in children  
I Handojo, R Dewi 702
Epidemiology of invasive meningococcal disease in 13 government hospitals in Thailand 1994-1999  
C Pancharoen, S Hongsiriwon, K Swasdichai, T Puthanakit, A Tangsathapornpong, S Loleka, W Punpanich, U Tarunotai, B Warachit, J Mekmullica, P Kosalaraksa, K Chokephaibulkit, A Kerdpanich 708
House dust mite fauna in the Klang Valley, Malaysia  
A Mariana, TM Ho, M Sofian-Azirun, AL Wong 712
Research note: First report on sensitization to allergens of a house dust mite, Suidasia pontifica (Acari: Saproglyphidae)  
A Mariana, TM Ho, BS Gendeh, H Iskandar, M Zainuldin-Taib 722
Review: Artemether, an effective new agent for chemoprophylaxis against schistosomiasis in China: Its in vivo effect on the biochemical metabolism of the Asian schistosome  
SH Xiao, PJ Hotez, M Tanner 724
Research note: Rickettsial infection in five remote Orang Ulu villages in Upper Rejang river, Sarawak, Malaysia  
DD Sagin, G Ismail, LM Nasian, JJ Jok, EKH Pang 733
Epidemiology of human ancylostomiasis among rural villagers in Nanlin county (Zhongzhou village), Anhui Province, China: Seroepidemiological studies of the age relationships of serum antibody levels and infection status  
HC Xue, Y Wang, SH Xiao, S Liu, Y Wang, GJ Shen, WT Wu, B Zhan, L Drake, Z Feng, PJ Hotez 736
Prevalence of antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii among urban and rural residents in the Philippines  
T Kawashima, Kin-Sane-Win, M Kawabata, N Barzaga, H Matsuda, E Konishi 742
Surface ultrastructure of excysted metacercariae of Haplorchis taichui (Trematoda: Heterophyidae)  
K Sukontason, K Sukontason, B Kuntalue, N Boonsriwong, S Piangjai, U Chaithong, P Vanittanakom 747
Effect of intestinal helminthiasis on nutritional status of schoolchildren  
R Yamamoto, N Nagai, M Kawabata, W Ubas-De Leon, R Ninomiya, N Koizumi 755
Economic evaluation of water iodization program in Thailand  
CS Pandav, K Anand, S Sinawat, FU Ahmed 762
Follow up of water use in a tin mining area affected with arsenic poisoning  
V Chongsuvivatwong, A Lim, M Dueravee, A Geater, S Ritsamitchai, S Oshikawa 769
The prevalence of periodontal disease and oral hygiene care in Savannakhet Province, Lao PDR  
S Chuckpaiwong, S Ngonephady, J Dharmbhibhit, J Kasetsuwan, M Sirirat 775
Validation of the short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test Thai version in northeastern Thailand  
S Nanakorn, K Fukuda, I Ogimoto, T Tangseree, S Treethiptikhun 780
Leptin concentration in relation to body mass index (BMI) and hematological measurements in Thai obese and overweight subjects  
R Tungtrongchitr, P Pongpaew, B Phonrat, S Tribunyatkul, D Viroonudomphol, V Supawan, P Jintaridhi, A Lertchavavakul, N Vudhivai, FP Schelp 787
Successful prophylaxis of intracranial hemorrhage in infants with severe congenital Factor VII deficiency  
S Kankirawatana, C Mahasandana, G Veerakul, J Seeloem, L Suwantol, V Tanpaichitr, V Suvette 795
A randomized clinical trial of combinations of artesunate and azithromycin for treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Thailand  
S Krutsood, U Silachamroon, P Wilairatana, P Singhasivanon, W Phumratanaprapin, K Chalermrut, N Phophak, C Popa 801
Sequence diversity of serine repeat antigen gene exon II of Plasmodium falciparum in worldwide collected wild isolates  
Q Liu, MU Ferreira, BT Ndawi, H Ohmae, IS Adagu, T Morikawa, T Horii, S Isomura, F Kawamoto 808
Investigation of malaria prevalence at national thermal power corporation, Shaktinagar, Sonbhadra district, Uttar Pradesh, India  
VK Dua, N Nanda, NC Gupta, PK Kar, SK Subbarao, VP Sharma 818
Case report: Is there any artemisinin resistance in falciparum malaria?  
S Treeprasertsuk, P Viriyavejakul, U Silachamroon, S Vannphan, P Wilairatna, S Looareesuwan 825
Absence of knobs on parasitized red blood cells in a splenectomized patient in fatal falciparum malaria  
E Pongponratn, P Viriyavejakul, P Wilairatana, D Ferguson, U Chaisri, G Turner, S Looareeasuwan 829