Volume 35
Number 3
September 2004


Table of Contents  
Prevalence of intestinal parasitic infestation in schoolchildren in the northeastern part of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal  
BK Sharma, SK Rai, DR Rai, DR Choudhury 501
Survey for intestinal parasites in Belize, Central America  
P Aimpun, P Hshieh 506
Cure and reinfection patterns of geohelminthic infections after treatment in communities inhabiting the tropical rainforest of Assam, India  
K Narain, GK Medhi, SK Rajguru, J Mahanta 512
The protective immunity of a DNA vaccine encoding Schistosoma japonicum Chinese strain troisephosphate isomerase in infected BALB/C mice  
Y Zhu, J Si, DA Harn, C Yu, Y Liang, J Ren, X Yin, W He, W Hua 518
Gnathostoma infection in fish caught for local consumption in Nakhon Nayok Province, Thailand. I. Prevalence and fish species  
W Rojekittikhun, T Chaiyasith, S Nuamtanong, C Komalamisra 523
Case report. Disseminated strongyloidiasis successfully treated with extended duration ivermectin combined with albendazole: a case report of intractable strongyloidiasis  
P Pornsuriyasak, K Niticharoenpong, A Sakapibunnan 531
Ingestion of Fasciola gigantica metacercariae by the intermediate host snail, Lymnaea ollula, and infectivity of discharged metacercariae  
S Yoshihara, H Ueno 535
Comparison of Cryptosporidium parvum development in various cell lines for screening in vitro drug testing  
C Siripanth, B Punpoowong, P Amarapal, N Thima, B Eampokalap, J Kaewkungwal 540
Endemic malaria in four villages in Attapeu Province, Lao PDR  
R Phetsouvanh, I Vythilingam, B Sivadong, S Lokman Hakim, ST Chan, S Phompida 547
The use of flow cytometry as a diagnostic test for malaria parasites  
V Wongchotigul, N Suwanna, S Krudsood, D Chindanond, S Kano, N Hanaoka, Y Akai, Y Maekawa, S Nakayama, S Kojima, S Looareesuwan 552
Declining mefloquine sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum along the Thai-Myanmar border  
C Rojanawatsirivet, K Congpuong, S Vijaykadga, S Thongphua, K Thongsri, K Na Bangchang, P Wilairatana, WH Wernsdorfer 560
Assessment of therapeutic efficacy of chloroquine for vivax malaria in Thailand  
S Vijaykadga, C Rojanawatsirivej, K Congpoung, P Wilairatana, W Satimai, C Uaekowitchai, B Pumborplub, S Sittimongkol, A Pinyorattanachote, P Prigchoo 566
Therapeutic efficacy of artesunate in Plasmodium vivax malaria in Thailand  
Y Hamedi, O Safa, S Zare, P Tan-ariya, S Kojima, S Looareesuwan 570
The pharmacokinetics of oral dihydroartemisinin and artesunate in healthy Thai volunteers  
K Na-Bangchang, S Krudsood, U Silachamroon, P Molunto, O Tasanor, K Chalermrut, N Tangpukdee, O Matangkasombut, S Kano, S Looareesuwan 575
A baseline study of rural bancroftian filariasis in southern India  
U Suryanarayana Murty, B Praveen, DVR Satya Kumar, K Sriram, KM Rao, KSK Sai 583
Impact of different housing structures on filarial transmission in rual areas of southern India  
DVR Satya Kumar, D Krishna, U Suryanarayana Murty, KSK Sai 587
Evaluation of a single oral dose of diethylcarbamazine 300 mg as provocative test and simultaneous treatment in Myanmar migrant workers with Wuchereria bancrofti infection in Thailand  
A Bhumiratana, C Siriaut, S Koyadun, P Satitvipawee 591
Differential preferences of oviposition by Aedes mosquitos in man-made containers under field conditions  
KB Chua, I-L Chua, I-E Chua, KH Chua 599
Larval susceptibility of Ajuga remota against anopheline and culicine mosquitos  
P Sharma, L Mohan, CN Srivastava 608
Case report. Dengue myocarditis  
W Promphan, S Sopontammarak, P Pruekprasert, W Kajornwattanakul, A Kongpattanayothin 611
Short report. Enhancing knowledge and awareness of dengue during a prospective study of dengue fever  
CG Beckett, H Kosasih, R Tan, S Widjaja, E Listianingsih, C Ma’roef, S Wuryadi, B Alisjahbana, I Rudiman, JL McArdle, KR Porter 614
Japanese encephalitis in Assam, northeast India  
AC Phukan, PK Borah, J Mahanta 618
Development and comparison of the real-time amplification based methods - NASBA-Beacon, RT-PCR TaqMan and RT-PCR hybridization probe assays – for the qualitative detection of SARS coronavirus  
W Chantratita, W Pongtanapisit, W Piroj, C Srichunrasmi, S Seesuai 623
Pathogenicity and infectivity of the Thai-strain densovirus (AThDNV) in Anopheles minimus s.l.  
R Theophil Rwegoshora, P Kittayapong 630
Prevalence of cytomegalovirus, human herpesvirus-6, and Epstein-Barr virus in periodontitis patients and healthy subjects in the Thai population  
S Tantivanich, P Laohapand, S Thaweeboon, V Desakorn, P Wuthinuntiwong, S Chalermtaranukul, P Pansri, P Amarapal, K Balachandra, W Chantratita, P Dhepakson 635
The epidemiology of HIV-1 subtypes in infected patients from northeastern Thailand  
M Srisuphanunt, W Sukeepaisarnchareon, C Kucherer, G Pauli 641
Predicting the future trend of drug-resistant tuberculosis in Thailand: assessing the impact of control strategies  
H Nishiura, K Patanarapelert, IM Tang 649
A study of febrile illnesses on the Thai-Myanmar border: predictive factors of rickettsioses  
AL Pickard, P McDaniel, RS Miller, N Uthaimongkol, N Buathong, CK Murray, SR Telford III, P Parola, C Wongsrichanalai 657
Clinical manifestation of pulmonary melioidosis in adults  
W Reechaipichitkul 664
Molecular characterization of Campylobacter isolated from chickens and humans in northern Thailand  
T Meeyam, P Padungtod, JB Kaneene 670
Rapid diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection in gastric imprint smears  
G Kaur, M Madhavan, AH Basri, AHM Sain, MSB Hussain, MK Yatiban, NN Naing 676
Isolation of gram-negative bacteria from cockroaches trapped from urban environment  
N Chaichanawongsaroj, K Vanichayatanarak, T Pipatkullachat, M Polrojpanya, S Somkiatcharoen 681
Immunogenicity and reactogenicity of two regimens of diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussishepatitis B-inactivated polio and Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccines administered to infants primed at birth with hepatitis B vaccine  
HK Cheng, VS Rajadurai, Z Amin, B Sriram, MF Yee, HH Han, HL Bock, A Safary 685
Economic burden of varicella in Singapore - a cost benefit estimate of implementation of a routine varicella vaccination  
Lee MLJ-J, Shek P-CL, M Stefan, Chew SK, Chew FT, Lee BW 693
Advantage of a two-dose versus one-dose varicella vaccine in healthy non-immune teenagers and young adults  
P Kosuwon, S Sutra, P Kosalaraksa 697
Role of multiple induced sputum examination in the diagnosis of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia  
PD Narasimha, MR Adhikari Prabha, AB Harsha, RJ Thomas, S Shenoy, M Chakrapani 702
Blastocystis hominis infection in irritable bowel syndrome patients  
A Tungtrongchitr, S Manatsathit, C Kositchaiwat, J Ongrotchanakun, N Munkong, P Chinabutr, S Leelakusolvong, W Chaicumpa 705
Pneumonia surveillance in Thailand: current practice and future needs  
J Kanlayanaphotporn, MA Brady, P Chantate, S Chantra, S Siasiriwattana, SF Dowell, SJ Olsen 711
Simultaneous determination of trans,trans-muconic acid and S-phenylmercapturic acid by high pressure liquid chromatography and its application  
P Tharnpoophasiam, P Kongtip, W Wongwit, W Fungladda, D Kitayaporn 717
Ventilator-associated pneumonia in a newborn intensive care unit  
W Petdachai 724
Diagnostic yield of adenosine deaminase in bronchoalveolar lavage  
W Reechaipichitkul, V Lulitanond, B Patjanasoontorn, W Boonsawat, A Phunmanee 730
Health inequalities in Thailand: geographic distribution of medical supplies in the provinces  
H Nishiura, S Barua, S Lawpoolsri, C Kittitrakul, MM Leman, MS Maha, S Muangnoicharoen 735
Quality of pharmaceutical items available from drugstores in Phnom Penh, Cambodia  
D Yang, P Plianbangchang, N Visavarungroj, S Rujivipat 741
Beliefs and behavior of deceivers in a randomized, controlled trial of anti-smoking advice at a primary care clinic in Kelantan, Malaysia  
AA Jackson, WA Manan, AS Gani, S Eldridge, YH Carter 748
Lay beliefs about smoking in Kelantan, Malaysia  
AA Jackson, WA Manan, AS Gani, YH Carter 756
Comparison of biological specimens for manganese determination among highly exposed welders  
W Wongwit, J Kaewkungwal, Y Chantachum, V Visesmanee 764
P Khawsak, S Phantana, K Chansiri 770