Volume 36
Number 6
November 2005


Table of Contents  
A quantitative ultrastructural study of the liver and the spleen in fatal falciparum malaria  
O Prommano, U Chaisri, GDH Turner, P Wilairatana, DJP Ferguson, P Viriyavejakul, NJ White, E Pongponratn 1359
Study on Cyclospora cayetanensis associated with diarrheal disease in Nepal and Lao PDR  
K Kimura, SK Rai, G Rai, S Insisiengmay, M Kawabata, P Karanis, S Uga 1371
Comparison of five DNA extraction methods and optimization of a B1 gene nested PCR (n-PCR) for detection of Toxoplasma gondii tissue cyst in mouse brain  
A Mahittikorn, H Wickert, Y Sukthana 1377
Development of the rapid and simple ELISA (whole blood-ELISA) using cononut water-Tween as a wash solution for whole blood sample from Schistosoma japonicum-infected rabbit and human  
Y Hirose, IL Lipayon, M Kirinoki, Y Chigusa, H Matsuda 1383
Effects of a school-based education program for schistosomiasis control  
C Suzuki, T Mizota, T Awazawa, T Yamamoto, B Makunike, Y Rakue 1388
Research note. Phenotypical characterization of intestinal Schistosoma japonicum granulomas in pigs  
MM Nørgaard, T Iburg, MV Johansen 1394
The high prevalence of asymptomatic Toxocara infection among schoolchildren in Manado, Indonesia  
E Hayashi, J Tuda, M Imada, N Akao, K Fujita 1399
Intestinal parasitic infections in schoolchildren in a suburban area of Hanoi, Vietnam  
S Uga, NTV Hoa, LK Thuan, S Noda, Y Fujimaki 1407
Screening for larvicidal activity in some Thai plants against four mosquito vector species  
N Komalamisra, Y Trongtokit, Y Rongsriyam, C Apiwathnasorn 1412
Efficacy of repellent products against caged and free flying Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes  
Y Trongtokit, CF Curtis, Y Rongsriyam 1423
Clinical differences among PCR-proven dengue serotype infections  
K Limkittikul, S Yingsakmongkon, A Jittmittraphap, S Chuananon, Y Kongphrai, S Kowasupathr, C Rojanawatsirivit, MP Mammen Jr, W Jampangern 1432
Community-based approach for prevention and control of dengue hemorrhagic fever in Kanchanaburi Province, Thailnd  
M Therawiwat, W Fungladda, J Kaewkungwal, N Imamee, A Steckler 1439
Varicella epidemiology and cost-effectiveness analysis of universal varicella vaccination program in Taiwan  
HF Tseng, HF Tan, CK Chang 1450
Oral and constitutional manifestations of HIV-infected hospital patients in northern Vietnam  
TO Jensen, V V Tam, NT Mai, DQ Ut, DD Dat, NT Lien, NT Nga, IC Bygbjerg 1459
Clinical features, etiology and short term outcomes of interstitial pneumonitis in HIV/AIDS patients  
S Tansuphasawadikul, P Pitisuttithum, AD Knauer, W Supanaranond, J Kaewkungwal, BM Karmacharya , A Chovavanich 1469
Combating HIV/AIDS in Mainland China–an epidemiological review of prevention and control measures  
L Qin, T Yoda, C Suzuki, T Yamamoto, G Cai, Y Rakue, T Mizota 1479
Domestic transmission of Rift Valley Fever virus in Diawara (Senegal) in 1998  
L Marrama, A Spiegel, K Ndiaye, AA Sall, E Gomes, M Diallo, Y Thiongane, C Mathiot, JP Gonzalez 1487
Seroprevalence of Burkholderia pseudomallei in East Timorese refugees: implications for healthcare in East Timor  
PK Armstrong, NM Anstey, PM Kelly, BJ Currie, N Martins, P Dasari, V Krause 1496
Epidemiology of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing gram-negative bacilli at Siriraj Hospital, Thailand, 2003  
M Chayakulkeeree, P Junsriwong, A Keerasuntonpong, C Tribuddharat, V Thamlikitkul 1503
Epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella isolated from pork, chicken meat and humans in Thailand  
S Angkititrakul, C Chomvarin, T Chaita, K Kanistanon, S Waethewutajarn 1510
Survey of leptospirosis of small mammals in Thailand  
G Doungchawee, D Phulsuksombat, P Naigowit, Y Khoaprasert, N Sangjun, S Kongtim, L Smythe  
Bartonella spp in rodents and shrews in the Greater Jakarta area  
I Winoto, H Goethert, IN Ibrahim, I Yuniherlina, C Stoops, I Susanti, W Kania, JD Maguire, MJ Bangs, SR Telford III, C Wongsrichanalai 1523
Case report. Non-ulcerative soft tissue mycosis of long duration mimiking soft tissue sarcoma–a case report  
E Omar, A Murugesan, NHA Bakar, Z Wan 1530
Comparison of two transcutaneous bilirubinometers-Minolta Airshields Jaundice Meter JM 103 and SpectRx bilicheck-in Thai neotates  
S Sanpavat, I Nuchprayoon 1533
Validation of osmotic fragility test and dichlorophenol indophenol precipitation test for screening of thalassemia and Hb E  
S Sangkitporn, S Sangkitporn, A Sangnoi, O Supangwiput, VS Tanphaichitr 1538
Antimutagenic activity of Sesbania javanica Miq. flower DMSO extract and its major flavonoid glycoside  
S Tangvarasittichai, N Sriprang, T Harnroongroj, S Changbumrung 1543
A survey of the supply and bacteriologic quality of drinking water and sanitation in Jakarta, Indonesia  
AM Vollaard, S Ali, J Smet, H van Asten, S Widjaja, LG Visser, C Surjadi, JT van Dissel 1552
Knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) regarding the management of diarrhea by pharmacists and licensed drug sellers in eastern Nepal  
BP Das, SK Deo, N Jha, GP Rauniar, MA Naga Rani 1562
Causal relationship between health promoting behavior and quality of life in cervical cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy  
P Taechaboonsermsak, J Kaewkungwal, P Singhasivanon, W Fungladda, S Wilailak 1568
Lead in saliva and its relationship to blood in the residents of Klity village in Thailand  
S Thaweboon, B Thaweboon, W Veerapradist 1576
A cross-sectional study of smoking risk factors in junior high school students in Henan, China  
L Zhang, WF Wang, G Zhou 1580
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