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Department of Clinical Tropical Medicine, FTM
  Faculty Staff
Associate Professor Kesinee Chotivanich  
Name: Kesinee Chotivanich
ขื่อ-สกุล: ศ.ดร.เกศินี โชติวานิช
Position: Professor
Department: Clinical Tropical Medicine
E-mail: kesinee.cho@mahidol.ac.th, nok@tropmedres.ac
Field of Expertise   |   Publications   |   Academic Qualification   |   Award
Field of Expertise
Pathophysiology of malaria
Cultivation of human malaria parasite
In vitro susceptibility drugs of P.falciparum, P.Vivax
Work Experience
  2000 - until now Department of Clinical Tropical Medicine. Faculty of Tropical Medicine. Mahidol University. Bangkok. Thailand. Assistance Professor. Lecturer. 2000-until now.
  2001 Thailand Graduate Institute of Science and Technology. Bangkok. Thailand Trainee in “Hypercourse on bioinformatics” 29 October-2 November 2001.
  1999 Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok. Thailand. Trainee in “DNA Technology course” 19 April-3 May 1999.
  1998 Wellcome Trust Mahidol Oxford University Tropical Medicine Research Programme. Faculty of Tropical Medicine. Mahidol University. Bangkok. Thailand. Medical Research Scientist. Head of Malaria Research Lab. 1998
  1998 - until now Saint Louis Nursing College Special lecturer, 1998-until now
  1998 Research collaborators, 1998
  1996 Institutes of Molecular Medicine. John Radcliffe Hospital. Oxford. United Kingdom. Trainee, September-October 1996.
  1995 Department of Internal Medicine, Department of Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine and AIDS. Academic Medical Center. University of Amsterdam. The Netherlands. Trainee, November-December 1995.
1992 - 1994, 2001
Department of Pathology, Faculty of Science. Rungsit University. Bangkok. Thailand. Special lecturer, 1992-1994, 2001
  1993 - 1994 Department of Pathobiology, Faculty Of Science. Mahidol University. Bangkok. Thailand. Teaching assistant, 1993-1994.
Research grant
  2010 NRU (National Research University)
  2009 MMV (Medicine Malaria Venture)
  2008 WHO for ARC-3 (World Health Organization for aretemisinin resistance consortium-3
  2007 MMV (Medicine Malaria Venture)
  2006 GSK in 2006
  2004 - 2005 World Health Organization in 2004-2005
  2000 - 2002 The Thailand Research Fund in 2000-2002
  1995 - 1997 National Science and Technology Development Agency in 1995-1997
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