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Yes,you can by contacting the staff for registration and payment for the QE exam. after payment completed, you can do GR 35 for QE Exam.

Passed study in a compulsory M.Sc level with a GPA greater than 3.50

Submit a GR 49 form to request changing the name of the dissertation / thesis proposal

In the event of not receiving a scholarship or the capital does not cover this part , students can notify the staff to bring to the meeting of the Curriculum Administrative Committee to consider and approve the exemption.

Able to request a waiver of semester payment . Students must inform the staff to send the letter to the Graduate School prior to the time of enrollment in each semester.

Details and examination procedures can be found in the student manual or by contacting the staff.

You can request an online exam from your residence. For details, you can contact the course staff. to give further advice.

Yes, you have to register and pay a QE fee of 4200 baht.

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