Volume 45
Number 2
March 2014


Table of Contents  
Characterization of cyst and trophozoite proteins of environmental isolates of Acanthamoeba castellanii by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis  
RMD Yap, PKC Lim, LL Chan, SF Wong, JW Mak 249
Research note. Effect of choline kinase inhibitor hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide on Plasmodium falciparum gene expression  
MRM Abd Razak, NR Abdullah, R Chomel, R Muhamad, Z Ismail 259
Triplex polymerase chain reaction assay for detection of major soil-transmitted helminths, Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuris trichiura, Necator americanus, in fecal samples  
O Phuphisut, T Yoonuan, S Sanguankiat, K Chaisiri, W Maipanich, S Pubampen, C Komalamisra, P Adisakwattana 267
Localization of the cystogenous glands of Opisthorchis viverrini cercariae  
P Arunsan, C Donthaisong, K Suwannatrai, S Prasopdee, J Kulsantiwong, A Suwannatrai, T Boonmars, JU Welbat, S Oopachitakul, S Tesana 276
Using GARP to predict the range of Aedes aegypti in China  
G Wang, H Zhang, X Cao, X Zhang, G Wang, Z He, C Yu, T Zhao 290
Guppies as predators of common mosquito larvae in Malaysia  
SNR Saleeza, Y Norma-Rashid, M Sofian-Azirun 299
Wolbachia supergroups A and B in natural populations of medically important filth flies (Diptera: Muscidae, Calliphoridae, and Sarcophagidae) in Thailand  
P Mingchay, A Sai-ngam, A Phumee, P Bhakdeenuan, K Lorlertthum, U Thavara, A Tawatsin, W Choochote, P Siriyasatien 309
Surveillance of influenza virus during 2010-2012 in Changsha, China  
J-F Chen, B-C Sun, J Yuan, R-S Zhang, X Ou 319
Prevalence and genetic characterization of human coronaviruses in southern Thailand from July 2009 to January 2011  
K Suwannakarn, T Chieochansin, P Vichiwattana, S Korkong, A Theamboonlers, Y Poovorawan 326
Demographic, clinical and laboratory findings among adult and pediatric patients hospitalized with dengue in the Philippines  
JMS Velasco, MTP Alera, CA Ypil-Cardenas, EM Dimaano, RG Jarman, P Chinnawirotpisan, B Thaisomboonsuk, I-K Yoon, DA Cummings, MP Mammen Jr 337
Comparison of stress adaptation and survival rate between Burkholderia pseudomallei with mutant and wild type bfmR  
J Neamnak, S Tabunhan, S Wongwajana, S Wongratanacheewin, Y Chamgramol, C Pairojkul, K Faksri, W Namwat 346
Case report. Intracerebral coinfection with Burkholderia pseudomallei and Cryptococcus neoformans in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus  
I Samad, MCL Wang, VH Chong 352
Evaluation of an immunochromatographic test kit for detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in sputum samples and on solid and in liquid cultures  
M Sutantangjai, K Fasksri, K Chaicumpar, P Chaimanee, V Lulitanond, W Namwat 357
Development of single-tube multiplex PCR for classification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages based on large sequence polymorphisms  
R Hanchaina, V Lulitanond, W Namwat, K Faksri 365
Triplex reverse transcription-PCR for detecting viable toxigenic Vibrio cholerae in water samples in Thailand  
B Kanoktippornchai, C Chomvarin, C Engchanil, W Wongboot 375
Food-borne Salmonella outbreak in a single hospital ward  
V Luvira, S Iamsirithaworn, N Thantamnu, P Pitisuttiithum 383
An unusual presentation of listeriosis: anemia and cutaneous manifestations  
HK Teo, J Yap, YT Fong 391
Case report. Canine Orientia tsutsugamushi infection: report of a case and its epidemicity  
K Namikawa, A Tanabe, S Satake, H Enishi, H Kusaka, N Ide, S Neo, J Lynch, K Orito, T Morita, H Sahara 395
Molecular characterization and relationship of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus among strains from healthy carriers and university hospital patients, southern Thailand  
P Sukhumungoon, F Hayeebilan, P Yadrak, S Kanobthammakul, Y Nakaguchi, P Saengsuwan, K Singkhamanan 402
Distribution and characterization of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) at the Small Animal Hospital, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Thailand  
P Patchanee, P Tadee, P Ingkaninan, P Tankaew, AE Hoet, V Chupia 413
Case series. Catheter-related bloodstream infections caused by Trichosporon species  
R Issarachaikul, O Lertwannawit, P Detporntewan, N Uaprasert, R Plongla, S Shuangshoti, A Chindamporn, C Suankratay 421
Maternal and congenital syphilis in Karnataka, India  
BR Archana, SR Prasad, PM Beena, R Okade, SR Sheela, YC Beeregowda 430
Prevalence of positive syphilis serology among HIV-infected patients: role for routine screening in Thailand  
S Kukanok, S Kiertiburanakul 435
Bacterial etiology of empyema thoracis and parapneumonic pleural effusion in Thai children aged less than 16 years  
S Lochindarat, J Teeratakulpisarn, B Warachit, C Chanta, K Thapa, GL Gilbert, Y Wangroongsarb, J-Y Pirçon, MK Van Dyke, Y Liu, WP Hausdorff 442
The prevalence of hemophilia in mainland China: a systematic review and meta-analysis  
Y Qu, X Nie, Z Yang, H Yin, Y Pang, P Dong, S Zhan 455
Prevalence and factors associated with physical inactivity among Malaysian adults  
ChanYY, Lim KK, CH Teh, KH Lim, HA Abd Hamid, MA Omar, NA Ahmad, KC Cheong 467
Research note. Reliability and validity of job content questionnaire for university research laboratory staff in Malaysia  
F Nehzat, BZ Huda, SHS Tajuddin 481
Prevalence and patterns of tooth agenesis among Malay children  
SA Mani, WSY Mohsin, J John 490
Effect of fluoride varnishes containing tri-calcium phosphate sources on remineralization of initial primary enamel lesions  
P Rirattanapong, K Vongsavan, C Saengsirinavin, T Pornmahala 499
The combined effect of xylitol and fluoride in varnish on bovine teeth surface microhardness  
K Vongsavan, R Surarit, P Rirattanapong 505
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