Volume 45
Number 4
July 2014


Table of Contents  
Review. Discovery and development of antiplasmodial compounds in Thailand during the 21st century  
S Auparakkitanon 761
Parasitic infection among HIV/AIDS patients at Bela-Bela clinic, Limpopo Province, south Africa with special reference to Cryptosporidium  
A Samie, S Makuwa, S Mtshali, N Potgieter, O Thekisoe, P Mbati, PO Bessong 783
Research note. Medically important mosquitoes in the rubber plantation belt of central Kerala, India  
KV Jomon, TT Valamparampil 796
Application of post-PCR methods for analysis of mosquito densovirus  
U Jotekratok, K Boonnak, A Suttitheptumrong, S Pattanakitsakul 801
Alterations in brain cerebral cortex proteome of rabies-infected cat  
S Kasempimolporn, B Lumlertdacha, P Chulasugandha, S Boonchang, V Sitprija 808
Rotavirus infection in children and adults with acute gastroenteritis in Thailand  
L Kittigul, T Swangsri, K Pombubpa, N Howteerakul, P Diraphat, C Hirunpetcharat 816
Knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) regarding influenza A (H1N1) among a population living along Thai-Myanmar border, Ratchaburi Province, Thailand  
N Rukmanee, S Yimsamran, P Rukmanee, N Thanyavanich, W Maneeboonyang, S Puangsa-art, P Wuthisen, S Lawpoolsri, S Prommongkol, W Chaimoongkun, W Pan-ngum 825
Quality of life assessment among patients living with HIV/AIDS at a tertiary care hospital in Thailand  
P Bunjoungmanee, K Chunloy, A Tangsathapornpong, T Khawcharoenporn, A Apisarnthanarak 834
Novel mutation detection in rpoB of rifampicin-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis using pyrosequencing  
KPM Htike, P Pitaksajjakul, N Tipkrua, W Wongwit, P Jintaridh, P Ramasoota 843
Risk factors for poor tuberculosis treatment outcomes in Makassar, Indonesia  
PFD Scheelbeek, AJG Wirix, M Hatta, R Usman, MI Bakker 853
Factors influencing non-adherence to tuberculosis treatment in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia  
A Rondags, AB Himawan, JFM Metsemakers, TN Kristina 859
Case report. Oropharyngeal and miliary pulmonary tuberculosis without respiratory symptom: a case report  
JH Chang, JH Kim, JW Kang, JH Kim 869
Identification and characterization of carbapenemase genes in clinical isolates of carbapenemresistant Acinetobacter baumannii from a general hospital in Thailand  
W Santimaleeworagun, A Thathong, W Samret, P Preechachuawong, W Sae-lim, T Jitwasinkul 874
First report in Thailand of a stx-negative Escherichia coli O157 strain from a patient with diarrhea  
M Themphachana, Y Nakaguchi, M Nishibuchi, K Seto, P Rattanachuay, K Singkhamanan, P Sukhumungoon 881
Case report. First case report of brucellosis in a child in Thailand  
K Lapphra, A Leelaporn, N Vanprapar, P Chearskul, N Sawawiboon, O Wittawatmongkol, K Chokephaibulkit 890
Epidemiology, clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes of healthcare-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infections at Chiang Mai University Hospital: a retrospective study  
R Chaiwarith, P Pacharasupa, T Sirisanthana 897
Characteristics of sex partners and sexual partnership correlates of inconsistent condom use among male injection drug users in India  
W Tun, A Sarna, A Bhattacharya, L Apicella, YS Singh, D Lewis 906
Prevalence of anemia, iron deficiency, thalassemia and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency among hill-tribe school children in Omkoi District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand  
J Yanola, C Kongpan, S Pornprasert 920
Smoking, alcohol consumption and betal-quid chewing among young adult Myanmar laborers in Thailand  
K Htin, N Howteerakul, N Suwannapong, M Tipayamongkholgul 926
Occupational risk towards blood-borne infections among ambulance personnel in a provincial hospital network in Thailand  
P Luksamijarulkul, S Pipitsangjan, P Vatanasomboon 940
Energy and macronutrient intakes in older urban and rural Iranian adults  
JA Iranagh, SA Motalebi, YM Chan, NA Iranagh, EA Iranagh, J Rasouli 949
Relationship between active information exchange and the quality of life (QOL) of women living in Lao People’s Democratic Republic  
K Sone, M Nakao, P Lamaningao, Y Sugiura, H Yamamoto, K Yamaoka 956
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