Volume 6
Number 2
June 1975


Table of Contents  
Arbovirus infections in reptiles: studies on the presence of Japanese encephalitis virus antibody in the plasma of the turtle, Trionyx sinensis.  
Shortridge KF, Oya A, Kobayashi M, Yip DY. 0
Serologic study of toxoplasmosis in Taiwan.  
Durfee PT, Sung HT, Ma CH, Tsai CS, Cross JH. 0
Sarcocystis booliati n.sp. and a parasite of undetermined taxonomic position, Octoplasma garnhami n. gen. n. sp., from the moonrat, Echinosorex gymnurus.  
Dissanaike AS, Poopalachelvam M. 0
Studies on filariasis in the Pacific. 4. The application of the membrane filter concentration technique to a survey of Wuchereria bancrofti filariasis in Kepu district, Jakarta, Indonesia.  
Oemijati S, Desowitz RS, Partono F, Pant CP, Mechfudin H, Sajidiman H. 0
Studies on filariasis in the Pacific. 5. Brugia malayi filariasis in treated and untreated populations of South Borneo.  
Sajidiman H, Desowitz RS, Darwis F. 0
Repeated infections of Brugia pahangi in the jird, Meriones unguiculatus.  
Kowalski JC, Ash LR. 0
Studies with Brugia pahangi. 11. Measurement of lymph flow in infected cats.  
Rogers R, Denham DA. 0
Mass treatment of Malayan filariasis in the Gumbasa irrigation area of Central Sulawesi.  
Putrali J, Kaleb YM, Van Peenen PF, Saroso JS. 0
Distribution of Oncomelania hupensis in the Napu Valley of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.  
Carney WP, Masri S, Sudomo M, Putrali J, Davis GM. 0
Capillariasis in wild rats of Indonesia.  
Brown RJ, Carney WP, Van Peenen PF, Cross JH, Saroso JS. 0
Mekong schistosomiasis. 4. A parasitological survey of wild rodents, domestic pigs and cattle on Khong Island, Laos.  
Kitikoon V, Schneider CR, Bhaibulaya M, Sittilerd S, Thirachantra S. 0
Comparative morphology of genital cones of genus Ancylostoma Dubini, 1843.  
Setasuban P. 0
Studies on the pathogenicity of Ancylostoma ceylanicum. I. Blood loss in experimental dogs.  
Areekul S, Saenghirun C, Ukoskit K. 0
Distribution and ecological consideration of Breinlia booliati infecting wild rodents in Malaysia.  
Liat LB, Wah MJ, Singh M, Ho BC, Hian YE. 0
The effect of trichinosis on weight gain and food intake of rats fed low and high protein diets.  
Saowakontha S. 0
Epidemiologic investigation of an outbreak of Shiga bacillus dysentery in an island population.  
Khan M, Rahaman MM, Aziz KM, Islam S. 0
A very rare cause of milk of calcium gallbladder: carcinoma of the ampulla of Vater.  
Kalayasiri C, Damrongsak D, Chearanai O, Limvongse K. 0
Isolation of influenza A virus in Reye's syndrome.  
Visudhiphan P, Chatiyanonda K. 0
Fluoride studies in Malaysia.  
Foo LC, Chong YH. 0
Capabilities of paramedical personnel.  
Teik KO. 0
Epidemiological features of dengue and chikungunya infections in Burma.  
Thaung U, Ming CK, Swe T, Thein S. 0
Sarcocystis sp. in the myocardium of a water buffalo from Sulawesi (Celebes), Indonesia.  
Brown RJ, Carney WP, Sudomo M, Simandjuntak G. 284
The chromosome numbers of Ancylostoma tubaeforme Zeder, 1800.  
Setasuban P. 290
Abnormality in specimen of Ancylostoma Tubaeforme from cat in Australia.  
Setasuban P. 291
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