Name: Watcharee Arunsodsai

Position: Assistant Professor

Department: Tropical Pediatrics


Field of Expertise

Special Research Interests

Special Research Interests
   - Antimalarial clinical trials
   - Malarial Molecular biology
     - Oral rehydration therapy
     - Dengue Vaccine Trials
     - Rabies vaccines
     - Rabies immunoglobulin in healthy volunteers
     - Other new vaccine trials clinical
Parasitic infections
     - Giardia lamblia
     - Dengue virus
     - Antibiotic resistance
 Research Interest
  Dengue infection
     - Risk factor to aggravate shock in Dengue shock syndrome
     - Pathogenesis of Dengue shock syndrome and thrombocytopenia in DHF
     - Treatment to prevent shock
  Malaria in Children
     - Clinical trial of management in severe malaria
     - Pathophysiology in severe malaria
     - Pathogenomic of malaria: related to drug resistance, pathogenesis and erythrocyte invasion.
 Professional/Scientific Organization
  Member The Virology Association (Thailand)
  Member Pediatric Infectious Diseases Association of Thailand
  Member The Parasitology and Tropical Medicine association of Thailand
  Member Royal College of Pediatrician, Thailand
  Member Pediatric Society of Thailand
  Commitee Thailand Chapter International Society of Tropical Pediatrics
Last updated: March 27, 2019