Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q.1 How can I have a card to enter the TropMed Diagnostic Center ?
    A.1 Please fill in the information we have requested in the form (can be downloaded from intranet or contact the staff for ID card form) and send it back to our office. The process will take about 2-3 official days until you get the card.
  • Q.2 Do I have to scan again after I have finished the job?
    A.2 Yes, you must. The time will be recorded for individual user for the security.
  • Q.3 Does the TropMed Diagnostic Center have a fluorometer?
    A.3 No, we do not.
  • Q.4 How long the process for taking Deionized water from the TropMed Diagnostic Center?
    A.4 Since the water supply capacity is limited at 160 Litre each day, the TropMed Diagnostic Center provide the water for customer in queue for both type of water.
  • Q.5 Does the TropMed Diagnostic Center provide pipette, glove, tip, etc. to customer?
    A.5 No, customer must bring these associated belongings with.


Last update: September 19, 2019