Drug Research Unit for Malaria (DRUM)

     Drug Research Unit for Malaria (DRUM) was established in February 2017. We focus on anti-malarial research, including their mode of action and their mechanism of resistance. The DRUM works in collaboration with the Excellent Center for Drug Discovery (ECDD) at Faculty of Science, Mahidol University where high-technology instrumentation for pharmaceutical research and drug discovery are centralized. The facilities at DRUM and ECDD are a unique joint resource and thus allow high-throughput screening assay for antimalarial drug discovery. In addition, the DRUM works in collaboration with Rathod Lab at Department of Chemistry, University of Washington in Seattle, USA and the NIH South Asia MESA-ICEMR for understanding drug resistance evolution in malaria parasites.

We are looking for highly motivated research assistants, students and postdocs with interests in: Malaria; Drug discovery; Drug resistance; Liver stage model; Computational biology

Lab News:

  • DRUM receives ESPReL lab safety award. October, 2021
  • Tachin Khulmanee joins the lab as a research assistant. April, 2021
  • Supaluck Lekkhom joins the lab as a laboratory assistant. April, 2021
  • DRUM receives a joint “Mahidol-University of Washington (UW) Malaria Research Initiative” fund from Mahidol University. November, 2020
  • Dr. Patrapuvich receives the New Discovery and Frontier Research Fund from Mahidol University. January, 2020