Vision:  to be an international forum for development in health


MissionTo develop the capacity of individuals and institutions in delivering quality healthcare


Goal:  A healthy environment for all in the 21st Century

Role Statement of the SEAMEO TROPMED Network

In line with the overall mission of SEAMEO, the role of SEAMEO TROPMED Network is to promote health and to prevent or control disease, thus improving the living conditions of people in South and Southeast Asia through relevant programmes and services.  As a Network of four Regional Centres hosted by established academic and/or research institutions in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, SEAMEO TROPMED Network serves to facilitate the strengthening of national and institutional capabilities in research and human resource development through various training and postgraduate degree programmes, linkages, personnel exchanges, scientific fora, technical consultant services, publication and information dissemination.  SEAMEO TROPMED Network subscribes to the belief that a healthy and enlightened citizenry is the basis of stable nationhood and, in turn, a wholesome global community.  

Objectives of the SEAMEO TROPMED Network

The Objectives of the SEAMEO TROPMED Network are:

To train health workers in quality healthcare management at different levels of the health system, with due regard to diversities in culture, needs and expectations of people for whom these services are intended

To support research on endemic and newly emerging diseases associated with changing environments

To advocate relevant health policies that are compatible with equitable and sustainable development

To empower communities with the necessary knowledge and skills for understanding and finding solutions to health problems

To encourage the use of traditional and modern-day tools for health promotion and disease prevention whenever and wherever applicable

To minimize the economic burden of disease  


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