International Cooperation
International academic collaboration and activities are central to the Faculty of Tropical Medicine main tasks. Through strong international collaborations and activities since its beginning,there are currently 6 international academic institutions hosted by the Faculty of Tropical

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    The Office of International Cooperation and Networking (OICN), Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, is mandated to promote, facilitate and strengthen international collaborative activity relating to medical science. The Faculty of Tropical Medicine is the only international post graduate institute under Mahidol University focusing on tropical medicine to fulfill three main tasks, i.e. teaching, conduct research for advanced knowledge in medical sciences, and medical services. Collaborative academic activities are encouraged through both local and international partnerships, and the faculty is currently affiliated with more than 60 national and international leading research institutions.

At present, there are 5 international academic institutions hosted by the Faculty Of Tropical Medicine and more than 60 active Memorandum of Understanding from more than 15 countries. International Collaboration is a major contributing academic strength of the Faculty of Tropical Medicine which is recently ranked as a top grade institute in medicine by the Thailand research fund. Through the strong international collaboration since its beginning, the Faculty of Tropical Medicine has made honorary appointments of more than 60 Visiting Professors and Adjunct Professors from Asia, Europe, America and Australia. They are distinct experts in the fields of Tropical Medicine, Parasitology, Immunological Research for Vaccine, Nutrition & Food Science and Vector of Biology and Control. The average yearly number of international visitors is 100 from approximately 25 leading institutes/countries worldwide.



Volume 11 Issue 1 March 2023

International Cooperation