Procedures and regulations for Laboratory animal users

Regulations for introduce laboratory animal to LAU

Guideline for Laboratory Animal Users

  • Every protocol must be approved by FTM-ACUC.
  • Before introduce laboratory animal to LAU, you have to summit the form “LAU01 Request for delivery of animals” at least 1 week before animal arrival.
  • Each animal cage should be identified using FTM-LAU cage identification card.

Procedures and regulations for Laboratory animal users (Th) 


Regulations for laboratory animal uses working in FTM-LAU

Guideline for Laboratory Animal Users

  • Before enter animal facility, animal users should wear provided lab coat and shoe and use gloved when handling with animals.
  • Any experiment involved with animal such as injection, blood collection, necropsy and euthanasia should be performed only in LAU-laboratory not in animal room.
  • Animal users must strictly follow the protocol proposed to FTM-ACUC, and the details of the animal experiment should be recorded and made available for investigation at all times.
  • Lab animal technicians are available to assist the investigator, please fill the form “Request for assistance of lab animal scientist” at least 1 day before.
  • Movement of animals and animal cages outside LAU is not allowed, except individual permission in some protocols. Investigator should record the movement of animal cage in the form “Application for live animal movement”.
  • After-hours entry to animal facilities should be informed to LAU staff.
  • Proper use of animals, including the avoidance or minimization of discomfort, distress, and pain.