Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University emphasizes on research, education, treatment and prevention of tropical diseases building worldwide network in international public health.

Staffs from our faculty produce more than 250 publications per year which have a significant impact on the research, community and global health.  Our Faculty has Diagnostic Reference Laboratory highly specialized tools for quick diagnosis offering diagnostic test of tropical disease for public service.  The Faculty of Tropical Medicine has an epidemiology of malaria and parasite research center in Suang Phung district, Ratchaburi province which name is given by Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana as “Rajanakaridra Disease Center” and another research center located in Kanchanaburi province “Tropical diseases research center” Both centers  are used as training center, seminar and field research in community.

We have 12 programs which are 9 international programs and 3 national programs. The Faculty conducts both basis and applied research ranging from diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines development and drug discovery.Graduates will be able to conduct and to do research with high potential in tropical diseases and health science persuading their careers as lecturers or researchers in government/public institution. The Faculty is located in the central of Bangkok near Victory monument where is convenient in transportation by Bangkok Transport System (BTS).