Research Support

The Office of Research Services (ORS) coordinates and supports the research activities of the Faculty of Tropical Medicine (FTM) to achieve excellence in research and to retain its position as a leading research institution in Tropical Medicine.

The works in ORS is driven by Research Management Committee.

The Research Management Committee, overseeing all activities related to research. With respect to the Research Integrity & Compliance, all research performed within FTM systems are intended to be safeguarded. The experimental labs are regulated under the Biosafety & Infrastructure protocols. Consistent with this development, the Innovational Management is contributed to the pathway to its translational research.

The ORS is the central coordinator of all FTM's research activities. We provide guidance to staff on developing, submitting and managing research grants, as well as overseeing the regulatory standards related to research and facilitating true functionality of FTM's research.

Office of Research Services (ORS)

Research Administration (RA) has two main responsibilities, editing of English language manuscripts and grant management.

We offer full editing services for all FTM staff, from journal articles and abstracts to grant applications or general correspondence - we have native English-speakers who support with proof-reading and editing.

To submit a document for editing, please fill in one of the appropriate request forms below, and email them together with the document in question to:

Grant management:
RA is also responsible for notifying staff about grant opportunities, preparing and compiling grant applications, and supporting ongoing grant management proesses for internal, domestic, and international grants. You can read more about funding services by clicking here (link to funding page), and check all the news regarding grant opportunities and applications on the RA blog,

As the following diagram illustrates, we support our researchers every step of the way:

The Ethics committee review all of TropMed's research projects to ensure their adherence to internationally accepted ethical standards. They also provide suggestions for project revisions to comply with ethical guidelines for both animal and human studies.

You can find out more about the Ethics

Publication Database and IT Management maintains the TropMed publication database, and are also responsible for computer programming and software within ORS. You can view the publication database by clicking here: Publication

Conference and Event Planning plan and host two annual international research conferences, JITMM annually and the Food and Water-Borne Zoonoses (FBPZ) conference every three years. They also coordinate researcher training workshops and guest speakers.

Publications and Graphic Design are responsible for the layout and design of all communications from the ORS and TropMed. They also produce all ORS publications, such the Annual Report.

Biosafety is defined as the prevention mechanisms to monitor the uses of biological contents, focusing in both contexts of Microorganisms / Pathogens and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). These prevention procedures include the safety conducts in the laboratory, which comply with the international guidelines. With respect to other research support units, the works of biosafety is under the supervision of the office of research services. The function is to facilitate the academic activities, regarding the safety implementations. All stakeholders, comprising laboratorial personnel, students, faculties and researchers, will be able to safely carry out their works.