Biosafety and Biosecurity

The biosafety policy of the Faculty of Tropical Medicine is designed to ensure all work involving the use of biological materials is subject to control standards and follows safe work practices to protect laboratory personnel, the environment, and the community at large, from exposure to biological hazards.

The Office of Research Integrity and Compliance Committee (FTM-ORIC) oversees biosafety and biosecurity via the Faculty’s Institutional Biosafety Committee (FTM-IBC), to ensure that all activities involving biological materials comply with the applicable laws, national regulations, and Mahidol University policies, other regulatory requirements and guidelines.

Biosafety and biosecurity are the collective responsibility of all FTM researchers.


All research and teaching involving biohazardous materials must be conducted in conditions appropriate to the designated biosafety level (BSL) to protect the researchers and the wider community.

All personnel who intend to use biohazardous materials at or above risk group 2/ Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) for research, teaching, or related purposes, on- or off-FTM campus, must have the approval of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) before starting work.