Dr. Wasin Matsee is a Lecturer in the Department of Clinical Tropical Medicine. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree from Chiang Mai University. He completed his Master of Clinical Tropical Medicine degree at Mahidol University and holds a Diploma of the Thai Board of Preventive Medicine (Travel Medicine) from the Thai Medical Council. Dr. Wasin works mainly in the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, including the travel and fever clinics, and is involved in teaching travel medicine to residents, infectious-disease fellows and international visiting elective doctors. His research interests mostly involve the field of travel medicine.



Dr. Wasin is a travel medicine specialist with research emphasis on travel-related diseases, travel medicine, clinical tropical medicine, and high-altitude medicine.

Ongoing Research Project(s)

Research Name Funding Source
• Etiologies of traveler’s diarrhea among foreign travelers visiting in Thailand: A pilot study in travel clinic in Thailand
• การศึกษาสาเหตุของโรคอุจจาระร่วงในนักเดินทางท่องเที่ยวในประเทศไทย: การศึกษานำร่องในคลินิกเวชศาสตร์การเดินทางและท่องเที่ยว (A pilot study)


2017 Diploma of the Thai Board of Preventive Medicine (Travel Medicine) The Medical Council of Thailand
2017 Master of Clinical Tropical Medicine (MCTM), Faculty of Tropical Medicine Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
2011 Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Research of Expertise

  • High altitude medicine
  • Travel Medicine
  • Travel related diseases
  • Tropical Medicine

Diseases Covered/Research Area

  • Travel medicine
  • Travel related diseases

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