Dr. Urusa Thaenkham is Associate Professor in the Department of Helminthology, where she has teaching and research responsibilities. She works with her department colleagues and regional collaborators on helminthology topics pertinent to Southeast Asia. Dr. Urusa Thaenkham’s primary research area is food-borne trematodiases, infections caused by fluke larvae often through the consumption of raw fish, crustaceans or vegetables.



Dr. Urusa’s research expertise is helminthes, with emphasis on systematics and population genetics of helminthes. Her research is also focused on improving molecular identification and diagnosis methods of any objects from the host or environment. She is also very interested in anthelminthic drug development, which includes safety and toxicity evaluation, and efficacy testing of Thai medical herb extracts against helminthic infections in animal model.

Ongoing Research Project(s)

Research Name Funding Source
• การศึกษาเภสัชจลนศาสตร์และประสิทธิผลในการฆ่าพยาธิของสารสกัดจากรากหนอนตายหยาก เพื่อประเมินขนาดและระยะเวลาในการให้สารสกัดสำหรับ ฆ่าพยาธิตัวจี๊ดในหนูทดลอง สำนักงานพัฒนาการวิจัยการเกษตร (สวก.)


2010 Ph.D. (Tropical Medicine), Faculty of Tropical Medicine Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
2002 M.Sc. (Environmental Biology), Faculty of Science Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
1997 B.Sc. (Biology), Faculty of Science Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand

Research of Expertise

  • Population genetics of helminths
  • Systematics of helminthes
  • Anthelminthic drug development

Diseases Covered/Research Area

  • Helminthiases infection

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