Course Specification

The information in the course specification is comprehensive and up-to-date and made summarised available in the student handbooks

Course learning output (CLO)

At the end of the course, M.Sc. (Trop. Med.) graduates should have-

  1. Moral and ethics: Possess academic and professional ethics; be able to diagnose the problems with moral and ethical principles and reasoning as well as be able to guide the others ethically with integrity.
  2. Knowledge and intellectual skills: Be knowledgeable in the contents of tropical diseases both theoretically and practically and be able to apply research techniques in exploring and presenting the knowledge related to tropical diseases. Use existing information in effectively solving the problems related to tropical diseases and be able to synthesize the research result as well as to plan and conduct their own research.
  3. Interpersonal relationship skills and responsibility: Be responsible for the assigned tasks and can work with others well both as the leader and as a member of the group.
  4. Analytical skills, communication and information technology: Choose appropriate technology to communicate statistical information and present the situation of the problems or the result of the research study to the others.

The program and course specifications are communicated and made available to the stakeholders.

The program and course specifications are disseminated to stakeholders through various modalities. For internal stakeholders like lecturers, all aspects of the issues of the program are discussed or informed in the monthly department meeting. The updated printed student handbooks are also disseminated to both the lecturers and new students at the very beginning of each academic year. The overall program orientation meeting is held before the opening of program each year. The student handbooks, program specification, and course curriculum are also downloadable through the websites of MSc. (TM) program, and Faculty of Graduate Studies of Mahidol University