The Faculty of Tropical Medicine was established in 1960. It currently offers nine degree programs including a Master of Science in Tropical Medicine. The Master of Science in Tropical Medicine or M.Sc. (Trop. Med.) was founded in 1968, and was the first international program of the Faculty of Tropical Medicine.. It is a 36 credit program which takes two to three-years to complete. The program focuses on equipping students with scientific knowledge on tropical diseases, public health and related subjects. It is jointly taught by experts from all 11 Faculty departments and the four Centers of Excellence. The goal of the program is to provide a balanced education that combines knowledge, skills and moral values. The first year of the program is focused on the broad themes and subject areas of Tropical Medicine. Active Learning is the primary pedagogical method in classes, with plenty of opportunity for discussion, peer teaching, two-way communication and hands-on experience. The second year is focused on specific research questions and electives. The program has been developed to stimulate students to embrace life-long learning in scientific research, develop their soft and communication skills, and build their leadership ability. The curriculum of the program is constantly updated and refined in line with new research and feedback from students, staff alumni and other stakeholders. The M.Sc. (Trop. Med.) program has been certified and approved by the Office of the Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education. Thailand.

Mission: To be excellence in Tropical Health Science

Vision: To be a leading educational program in Tropical Medicine